Check the Problem of Diesel Generator Set from Some Phenomena

by Dingbo Power dbdieselgenerator

1, see the smoke phenomenon

When the diesel engine is working, open the oil cap, if there is a thick smoke from the oil cap, say smoke. If the lower smoke is serious, the piston, cylinder sleeve, and piston ring are seriously worn.

2. Check the cooling system by looking at the water temperature

If the temperature of the cooling system of the diesel engine studio is too high, it can indicate that the scale of the engine cooling water chamber is too thick or the related parts of the cooling system (thermostat, water pump, fan lamp) are inefficient or ineffective.

3. Check the timing of gas distribution phase

The timing gear, CAM surface, follower column and tappet will wear after the diesel engine after production, so that the intake valve, exhaust valve opening and closing time delayed and deviated from the optimal valve phase, so that the inflation efficiency is reduced, the diesel engine power decline. Therefore, the diesel engine valve phase should be checked regularly, if it does not meet the requirements should be adjusted in time.

4. look at the compression force to check air leakage

The method to check the compression force is: shake the crankshaft without decompression. When the compression force caused by shaking is large, push up again, loosen the crank but do not leave the crank. At this time, if there is a great rebound, the compression force is very good, otherwise, the compression force is poor.


5. Look at the smoke and check the color

Diesel engine in normal operation, generally do not smoke or smoke some light gray smoke, sometimes hard to see with the naked eye. If there is black smoke, it shows that there is less gas in the cylinder, and the combustion is not complete; If smoke white, it shows that fuel water, or diesel fuel is not completely burned, gasification from the exhaust pipe.

6. look at the carbon check condition

Diesel engine exhaust port carbon is black gray, performance to cover a layer of white frost, carbon layer is very thin, indicating that the diesel engine working condition is good; Carbon color black, but not wet, indicating that the diesel engine slightly burning oil, should be eliminated in time; If the carbon accumulation thickness of one cylinder exhaust port is significantly higher than that of other cylinder exhaust ports, it indicates that the cylinder injector is not working well or the cylinder sealing is poor, which should be repaired or replaced. Individual exhaust ports are wet or have oil, indicating that the cylinder is discharging a large amount of oil, which should be repaired; The carbon deposition layer of the exhaust port of each cylinder is thick, and the color and lustre is deep, because the working humidity is too low, or the oil injection is too late, and the diesel oil is serious, it should be used correctly and adjusted in time.

Look at the ignition check sooner or later

See ignition refers to check whether the oil injection is normal, that is, the oil supply advance Angle is in accordance with the provisions, the oil supply is too late (advance Angle is too small), the diesel engine is difficult to start, incomplete combustion, exhaust smoke, machine temperature is too high, power is insufficient; Fuel supply too early (advance Angle is too large) when the diesel engine works, there is knocking sound, easy to damage parts, easy to reverse when starting, but also affect the output of diesel engine power.


8. Look at the lag of the oil injection

The fuel injection pump should not be slanting, not dripping oil, oil mist uniform, appropriate range, work can hear the crisp "splash, splash" sound, touch the high pressure tubing pulse feeling. Good oil injection does not completely indicate that there is no problem with the oil circuit parts. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the oil supply rod and fork are stuck and loose.

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