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There being more than 200 bones in our body, one or the other is more likely to have some kind of problem in views of an orthopedic doctor in Patna. Bone related issues can come up during any stage of your life due to many reasons, many of which are not even under your control. Its always better to take preventive measures rather than go out looking for troubles. Even some of the best orthopedic doctor in Patna recommend taking strong preventive measures in order to protect your bones from day to day wear and tear.

X-ray examinations are the most popularly known test used to test bone strength. X ray machines are used to look through different parts of one’s body and are beneficial on another level as far as usefulness is concerned in the medical field. With technology different ways of doing x ray’s have come up in the last decade or so in accordance of an orthopedic surgeon in Patna. Although soft tissues can’t be detected by x ray machines in general, hence all radiations pass through it and are usually not that useful. X ray machines are also used to detect many other problems as well.

CT scan is yet another test used widely by orthopedic doctors across the country. In CT scan the body is exposed to a lot more radiations than x ray machines. CT scans are usually the more preferred way of seeing damages and other types of changes in the body than x rays because some changes can’t be seen clearly by x rays and are way better accessible by CT scans in opinion of an orthopedic surgeon in Patna. The commonly acclaimed full form of CT scan is computed tomography scan. Although CT scan can have adverse effects as well, as the radiations used by CT scan machines can cause heavy damages to the cells which can further lead to cancer as well.

Yet another method used by doctors in orthopedic hospital in Patna is bone density test, which are used to check the amount of different minerals in the bones. The results can easily go on to show how resistant different bones are to fractures and other bone related issues. The condition of the bones can easily be known from this procedure as even the smallest to smallest pores in the bone, allow the x-ray radiation to pass through it which again comes to help big time.

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