Cheap Business Cloud Storage for Smart Companies

by Ansh Dassh Self Employed
Cloud storage brings about many advantages for the companies opting for it. Considering that cloud storage is all about convenience, the advantages of engaging a cloud hosting company depends on how well the choice has been made. When it comes to cloud hosting, there are several options available to choose from. To begin with, there is shared hosting or public hosting, then there is virtual private hosting and subsequently there is private hosting. When you are considering cheap business cloud storage for your company, shared hosting or public hosting is your preferred choice.

What happens in shared hosting?

Shared hosting is where your company should begin when it comes to cloud hosting. It is typically provided by service providers who provide large server beds which are divided into individual compartments. Each compartment can be accessed with the help of a password and login ID. The compartment provides limited space and control. The maintenance and service is managed by the service provider. The customer does not need to bother about the upkeep and maintenance of the server. Everything is managed by the service provider alone.

Shared Hosting and Cheap Business Cloud Storage

Shared or public hosting is ideal for cheap business cloud storage. In fact it is the cheapest form of storage available. Since a single server bed is assigned to many users, the cost of hosting is not specifically high.  The same server is accessed by many users. However, when you choose your service provider for shared public hosting, you need to absolutely sure of the nature of services you are paying for.

Your service provider should be able to help you with your access points and any other form of operational difficulty that you might be facing. If you are new to a hosting platform, you have a myriad of queries that require response. Make sure your service provider instills confidence in your before you opt for the shared hosting platform.

It is also important to keep in mind that cheap business cloud storage should not be opted for at the cost of jeopardizing your public image. For instance, there are many public hosting plans that are free of cost. They can be accessed for free. Although it may seem like a superb cost effective idea for cheap hosting, the services are not likely to suffice. Free services can hardly match up to a professional company.

What would paid services offer?

If opting for cheap business cloud storage is your requirement, you need to choose a service provider who charges a price for shared hosting. Paid services should possess the following characteristics;

1. They should be able to provide you the desired space as warranted by you. You should be able to accommodate all your data without much of a hassle.

2. They should be able to guide you regarding data accessibility. You should be able to access your account without much of a hassle and should also be able to make changes in your data as and when you wish to.

3. The cheap business cloud storage model you have opted for should be able to provide you with scalable features. For instance, if you end up requiring more space as your business grows, you should be able to access the same from the same server bed. It is always a good idea to discuss scalability options with your service provider before you choose. In case your storage model is incapable of accommodating more space, you may have to shift your server base and this may not be possible or may end up being cumbersome.

4. Always make sure you read through the service level agreement or the SLA before you can actually decide which service provider to choose. The service level agreement is an important document which lays down the terms and conditions of the service including the uptimes, the firewalls engaged the encryptions that are in place and so on. Before you choose, you should be confident about the offerings.

Cheap business cloud storage will have its own compromises. If you are looking for an advanced hosting solution, you need to settle for either virtual private server hosting or private hosting. These are expensive, however, they are likely to offer you the best of services.

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