Changing Technology in Water Purifiers: Evolution

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If you are planning to buy one of the purifiers so that you can drink pure and safe drinking water, you should consider the variety of purifiers available in the market. You can take your pick from among UV water purifiers, RO water purifiers or RO+UV water purifiers. The history of purification has seen so many technological changes over the years. Read on for more.


   Ultraviolet radiation: UV purifiers use ultraviolet technology to ensure that contaminants in water are removed. The ultraviolet rays have the capacity of penetrating any harmful micro-organisms in the water. This means you no longer have to worry about any water-borne diseases. Modern-day purifiers come with a range of smart features as well. Changing technology has meant that your purifier comes with intelligent alerts and intuitive LED displays that let you know the stage of water purification, level of water and when a service is required.


   Reverse osmosis: RO purifiers work on the principle of reverse osmosis. If you live in a neighbourhood where you are supplied with hard water, ie, water with a high level of total dissolved salts (TDS), apart from other contaminants both chemical and biological, you should consider using an RO purifier. The process of reverse osmosis is all about reversing the natural flow of water. Water is passed through a membrane and any salts or heavy metals are removed through the process. Water is also free from any kind of microorganisms. The taste of water improves through this process. Reverse osmosis purifiers also come with many smart cartridges. Some of them use a technology wherein essential minerals are retained. These include magnesium and calcium. Then, there are cartridges that help de-cluster water molecules, and unlock any nutrients in water.


   Best of both: If you want the best of the two, you can opt for an RO and UV purifier. This makes use of both the technologies so that you can access safe and pure drinking water. New technology is used in such purifiers so it can sense the source of water, and purify it accordingly. Such purifiers also come with a range of cartridges that make water taste better. They also come with smart LED display features that indicate level of water, and also provide alerts on the filter replacement, service requirement and the process of purification.


Water purification has undergone a sea change, from the time of boiling to passing it through a thin cloth to today’s smart technologies. Today, reverse osmosis and UV technologies have ensured that any micro contaminants in your water are removed effectively. So, do your research and pick the model of your choice. Stay healthy!

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