Carpet cleaning mistakes that are killing the life of your carpets

by Eva Spenser Innovation

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Have you ever wondered why your carpet is becoming dull with each passing day? No matter how well you wash them, they are losing their charm. Anyone who is regular with carpet cleaning will expect their carpets to retain their charming vibes. But if the reverse happens to your carpets, there are high chances of you making cleaning blunders!


There is no denying that carpets are a significant investment, so it is vital to follow specific cleaning guidelines to keep them as fresh as new. Here are some commonly made cleaning blunders that are killing the life of your expensive carpets:


Delaying the cleaning:

There is a lot of difference between cleaning the stain immediately and cleaning it once it dries! You need to understand the science behind carpet cleaning in Point Cook and act accordingly. In many instances, the longer you wait to remove a stain, the more challenging will it get! Do not waste time waiting for the guests to leave and then treat the stain! Begin with the blotting action to ease your cleaning chore.


Vigorous scrubbing:

Ask yourself, do you have the habit of scrubbing carpet stains? Do you panic at the sight of stains and start rubbing them? Rubbing the stains will do more harm than good. The moment you rub the stain, the nasty particles end up getting embedded deep down the carpet fibres. The skilled carpet cleaners of Point Cook advise people to use the blotting technique. As soon as you see the stained carpet, try to grab a clean towel or a cloth and blot the stain.


Pro tip: Be gentle with blotting action and do not press the towel deep into the carpet.


Using the wrong cleaning products:

We lay different carpets as per the traffic they experience. Often, the wrong cleaning products become detrimental to the life of your carpets. Even though you are following proper cleaning techniques, using the faulty cleaning product will never give you desired results. It is best to count on the professional carpet stain removal service and remove the stain just the right way.


Forgetting to do a patch test:

If you use a cleaning solution to clean a carpet for the first time, do not forget to do a patch test! The new cleaning solution might not suit your carpet and damage its fibres. The experts of a carpet cleaning company in Melbourne are adept at cleaning carpets and always do a patch test before washing. Even though the new cleaning solution has the same constituents as the old one, a patch test will help you identify whether its strength will be suitable for cleaning or not.


Using incorrect proportions of the cleaning solution:

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to clean your carpets. If the procedure mentions one spoon cleaning agent, then using more or less quantity will not give you desired results. The professionals offering top-class carpet cleaning services in Melbourne are the best to follow adept cleaning measures. Oversaturating your carpets with cleaning solutions will damage your carpets and contribute to the buildup of dirt-attracting residues within the carpet fibres.


Improper use of the deodoriser powder:

Smelly carpets are undesirable and must be deodorised just the right way. The skilled carpet cleaners in Point Cook are capable of making your carpets smell nice and fresh. Do not mistake using too little deodoriser powder as you will not get the desired results. Using the powder in excessive quantities will lead to a gunky buildup over time!


It is best to rely on the professional carpet cleaners to save yourself from making the above-mentioned cleaning blunders. Seek references from your friends and neighbours, and hire the cleaners to make your carpets as fresh as new!

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