Canon Ink Cartridges: How to Apply Fixes to Improve Prints

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Many printer users have been in a situation where they initiated the printing process by pressing the printing button and then went about their tasks, only to return and find unimpressive results.

The print quality took a dip somewhere between all the page and Canon ink cartridges refilling you’ve done over the months. As a result, you are stuck with the common problem of frustratingly blurry or faded prints time and again.

To help you overcome this issue, we will talk about some of the simplest and quickest ways to bring back the age of the perfect print. Read on!

For starters, you need to keep things clean for your printer - both inside and out. The most common reason behind prints with white lines is dirt or debris blocking the printer nozzles, heads, or some other part inside the printer.

Epson and other types of printers require cleaning from time to time to avoid dust before reinserting or refilling the cartridges with Epson ink bottles (or toner particles in the case of a laser printer). You may want to dust up that user manual that’s lying somewhere forgotten in your closet and follow the instructions to clean it provided within.

If you have already done away with your copy or can’t stand the sight of user guides and manuals, just turn your printer off and take out any removable parts, such as the drum and the toner. Then, pick up a clean paintbrush or place the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and remove the dust and dirt carefully.

Inkjet printers clean on their own, so you only have to enable this function to ensure fast and convenient maintenance. There is no need to worry about whether you have to clean them before or after inserting an HP cartridge.

The quality of the paper also has an impact on print quality. That’s because paper made from inadequate material has a rough texture, leading to an increase in dust within the printer which, in turn, has a negative effect on printer performance. Here’s a tip for inkjet users - check whether you have selected the correct paper in the printer application. Doing this will make a great difference, particularly when printing photographs.

Checking on your printer’s settings is certainly the smart thing to do as well. If the images or text you have tried to make hard copies of are bleeding over the paper, it might be a case of over-saturation - raise the print speed for improved results. This helps regardless of whether you are using Epson, HP, or Brother ink bottles for your printer. 

On the other hand, if your pages contain faded text or images, you may have to lower the print speed for better ink saturation. Resolution is another factor to check when expecting better print quality.

However, you have to remember that there are far fewer chances of the printer giving out the exact same shade you can see on the screen. You can modify these settings in the Advanced Properties section while printing. Don’t forget to print a test page to see whether the changes have taken effect.

Another thing to check is the location of the printer. It is important to ensure a cool environment - avoid heat and humidity, and keep it away from other heat-generating devices and sources, such as windows facing the sun. You can find out what the optimal temperature conditions are for your printer and Canon ink cartridges online.

Of course, if none of the tips mentioned above is working, you may have to get in touch with Customer Care or a local IT expert for help. They are trained to handle all types of problems surrounding your printer, leaving it working in excellent condition with the best printing results.

You can also pay a visit to your local cartridge seller or contact your online cartridge seller through a call or email, depending on their offered modes of communication. They usually know what advice to give that will get your printer working optimally. 

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