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An alternator is an electrical generator that obtains mechanical energy and converts it into electrical energy. It gives electricity to the vehicle’s electrical equipment, including the internal and external lighting system and instrument panel. They are generally found outside the motor and operate via a crankshaft that helps pistons move up and down rotate in a circular motion. Many crankshafts are connected to specific points of the engine using brackets. One bracket is connected to a fixed point, and the other can be adjusted to tighten the driving belt.

Alternators produce electricity via electromagnetism. Electricity is moved to the battery, and various electrical systems run at a certain voltage.

What Does an Alternator Consist Of?


An alternator isn’t a single entity but a combination of various parts, including the stator, rotor, diode, and voltage regulator. Let us dive deeper into all these parts in detail and understand how they work:

Rotor and Stator

rotor and stator is basically an amalgamation of two magnets connected via a belt and creates a magnetic field using copper wiring. A pulley is connected to the rotor that helps it operate at high speed and creates a magnetic field commonly used as a belt. The stator creates electricity and voltage that moves to diode mounting.

Diode Assembly

Car batteries generally operate on direct current and are changed to some other form using the diode assembly of the alternator.

Voltage Regulator


The voltage regulator generally handles the power supply via the alternator to the battery. Regulators are built and perform different functions based on their specifications.

Role of Alternator

The power system of the car is incomplete without an alternator. The alternator takes the responsibility of converting the mechanical energy to electrical energy. Other components in the car receive power using the alternator.

Signs of a Failing Alternator


A failing alternator shows a lot of symptoms before it completely dies out. Check the alternator for the following signs and buy an alternator online from a trusted store like ‘The Auto Parts Shop’:

Symptom#1 Warning Indicator Light On

Most vehicles have a warning indicator light present on the dashboard. It is generally present as ‘GEN’ or ‘ALT’ or an icon with a battery shape. An illuminating alternator indicates an issue, and all you need to do is buy a car alternator from the store in your vicinity and replace it for the smooth working of the car.

Symptom#2:Flickering Headlights

Flickering headlights generally accompany an alternator issue. You may notice the flickering as the lights are up and no flickering as they fall. This means that there is a power shortage to meet the needs of the alternator. These things depend on several factors, including how the alternator is producing power, how close it is to failure, and how the vehicle has been programmed. These issues shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s better to buy an alternator for the car.

Symptom#3:Dead Battery

You would feel like sinking when you insert the key inside your car to turn it on. It is possibly due to tickling rays which means that the battery is dead. Sometimes, when the alternator doesn’t work, it gives regenerative charge to the battery, thereby resulting in a draining battery. This issue can be resolved with the assistance of the mechanic or buying a new car alternator.

Symptom#4:Difficulties While Starting or Stalling the Car

If you have been experiencing trouble in starting the engine, this means that the alternator cannot perform its task of charging the battery. During such cases, the engine purr is generally replaced with clicking sounds. If you have been experiencing frequent stalling while driving the car, the spark plugs aren’t receiving the appropriate amount of power from the engine.

Symptom#5:Burning Rubber or Wires Smell

The bad smell of burning rubber or wires coming out from the car clearly indicates an alternator issue. The alternator belt faces constant tension and friction, so the bad smell starts coming out of it. In addition, an excessively working alternator pushes too much electricity, thereby making the wires heat in an unsafe manner. These issues shouldn’t be taken lightly, and buying a car alternator that is brand new will resolve the issue in no time.

Symptom#6:Malfunctioning Accessories

In case the alternator cannot supply enough power to the car, the accessories start working slow or won’t work at all. You may notice windows taking a long time while moving up and down. Modern cars come with a priority list that informs the onboard computer to reduce the power supply to deliver it to the alternator. Drive with a failing alternator, and the radio would lose power way before the headlights. Issues with the warmer or speedometer shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s better to buy a car alternator online to help it perform optimally.

How Much Does Alternator Replacement Cost?

The moment you start noticing some issues, it’s time to buy a new car alternator. The cost depends on the make, year and model of the car.

By doing this, you can save money ensure that it is bought from a trusted store, ‘The Auto Parts Shop,’ that brings durable alternators within your affordability. You can fix issues by yourself in case you carry sound technical knowledge. There is no benefit of going to a local shop that would hand a hefty bill to you. The cost of a new alternator is generally between $200-$500, while the labour costs are charged separately between $100-$200.

The Bottom Line

Working with a problematic alternator can lead to other car issues and costly repairs in the future. Buy a cheap alternator from a trusted store near you and get your car back on track.

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