Can Monsoon Become a Threat to your GUT Health ?

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Do you often face digestive issues during the rainy season ?

Is stomach ache a common complaint every monsoon ? 

Have you experienced nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea during the rainy season ?

Monsoon season always brings a smile on our face as we get ready to enjoy the rainy reason. But at the same time, the beautiful season of rain also brings along many ugly health risks as this season entices us to gorge on heavy and fried snacks, which can bring in nightmares for our health.

These risks are mainly that of weakened digestion, many foodborne diseases and several allergies.

Why you should take care of your gut this monsoon :

Overall, our gut plays an all-essential role in our life. It helps in sustaining and maintaining our health and so, it becomes our responsibility to take care of our gut and ensure that we do everything right to keep it healthy during the monsoons.

A healthy gut means healthy digestion, disease-free life, longevity and happiness.

Why is gut health affected during monsoons?

Do you often face problems of acidity, bloating, indigestion, and gas during the rainy seasons ?

If yes, then you should take care of your gut health before it’s too late. 

Gut health can be affected due to several reasons during the monsoon season, some of which are :

  • The body’s natural defence of digestive capabilities goes down in monsoons.
  • Humidity causes the body’s digestive process to slow down.

These things can make you vulnerable to infections and increase the risk of diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice and gastroenteritis. The damp, humid and wet weather outside, promotes the growth of many harmful diseases causing germs and pathogens that are dangerous for our health.

What can you do to protect your gut this monsoon?



Follow these basic steps and you will never face gut issues and digestive problems in monsoons :

  • Drink lots and lots of water. Atleast 8 to 12 glass a day. It moroges metabolism and helps to flush out toxin in the body.
  • Probiotics – It is one of the best things that one can consume to keep the gut healthy in the monsoon. Consume more yogurt, cultured vegetables, cheese, kefir and other fermented foods.
  • Herbal teas are great for monsoons – Chamomile, green and even simple ginger lemon teas are good for digestion and strengthening immunity.
  • Cook vegetables and other foods such as egg and meat very well during the monsoon. Raw food may contain bacteria and viruses that can harm the gut health leading to infections and digestion issues.

Probiotic foods contain good bacteria and aid the gut in its optimal performance and health. It supports the proper absorption of nutrients and strengthens our immune system. Cooking foods using olive oil or sunflower oils that are soothing to your gut. Heavier oils might be heavy on the stomach and difficulty to digest causing high levels of discomfort and ingestion.

Things you must Avoid:

  • Never go for heavy meals.
  • Avoid roadside foods. They are not only difficult to digest but they are laden with harmful microbes that attack the gut.
  • Avoid too much dairy products. They take a lot of time to digest and are heavy on the gut.
  • Avoid consuming refined sugar as it causes inflammation and promoting the growth of bad bacteria influencing the health of our gut.
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