Can Degrees be True Education?

by Dignity Expert Expert Of Immunity

Are the degrees of any use if the jobs are not available or given or accepted accordingly? Even the HR departments and placement agencies most of the time ignore these degrees and give preference to the aptitude, skill and experience of the candidate. Our life is controlled by certain unknown forces with the result our passion or natural gifted ability gets killed and we land into wrong careers. There is no scientific way of choosing a career.

Our career is an outcome of what we learn and exposed to. Our learning is mainly dependent on our education system and what we learn during age group of 7-16 years, designs our future. The present education system is an outdated software for the present computer aged brains. This is actually a matter of concern and worry in the society. Any big change in the society first needs its acceptance and parents today are realizing the fact that frustration and depression is increasing among children. Majority of students complain that they are not enjoying studies. Are we really giving a beautiful life to our youngsters, our future citizens?

The present education system was good when 150 years back it was designed. Today it’s obsolete and need a major revamping to the direction where personalized education is given as per the Cognitive abilities of an individual. Technology has dominated each aspect of our life and now the time has come where we finish guess work while finalizing a career of the child. The latest and future in education is Cognitive Programing Technology. Cognition is our thought process and the way we learn, think, behave and feel are the factors or apps in our brain, these factors can be measured numerically and can be redesigned at early age.  Programing is a mechanism which can train the brain with personalized information as per its capacity. Technology is the skill transformation technique adopted by trainers to train the brain as per its natural ability or passion. It is a common sense phenomena that if we identify the passion at early stage of any human and give a personalized training to the brain as per the identified passion, the profession of the person will be the same what passion is.

Now lot of question arises, are we taking advantage of this technology while educating our students? Are we open to understand why our children are not living happily? Are we accepting the fact that 50 years back our fore fathers killed girl child before her birth and today the society is facing disaster and now another disaster is at our doorstep where schools and teachers have lost their identities? Are we waiting that parents too loose their respect? Is it wise to leave everything to the Govt.? Can we do anything in this situation of urgency before the emergency comes in front of us?

The correction in our schooling system is the only way out. If we looking for a healthy, happy and prospering country for our children. A country’s growth is forecasted on the basis of business and employment opportunities prevailing there. Quality and innovation in education can only define the level of living standards and the stability of the society.


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