Can CBD Remove Scars Permanently? Let’s Find Out!

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I am accustomed to acne scars. Every now and then I see a pimple bidding adieu and scars joining the party. But let’s look at the brighter side here. After all, scars indicate that the wound or in my case the pimple has healed. However, scars are not beautiful and I am not saying that to malign the concept of “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” All I mean is that scars can be painful, itchy and more vitally scars can cause psychological stress.  

We all know that scientists have conducted various discoveries in the past few years. Especially research on the therapeutic benefits of CBD. This knowledge has led some people to believe that cannabis products like CBD oil can be beneficial in treating scars. But this is just an assumption, To find out the truth whether or not CBD can reduce scars, read the blog below. 

Can CBD help with scars?

Before we get to the answer to this question. Here is something you need to know. First and foremost cannabis compounds work in our body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). And the ECS is responsible for regulating various functions inside our body including cell growth. And we all know cell repair is mandatory for any kind of scar-damage. 

Having said that, let us take a look at some studies concerning skin health and cannabis at large. So, a recent study, showcased how cannabis controls the actions of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are collagen-producing compounds and they help with the skin healing process. This also means that CBD can accelerate fibrinogen production, in turn, inhibiting the scar-forming process. Not only this but there is another study exclaiming that CBD has both inflammatory and antifibrotic properties. All in all, it means that CBD can also stop the production of sebum that leads to acne. However, we will need more research to prove the full potential of cannabis. 

How to use CBD for scar treatment?

Now, we have some proof claiming that CBD can help with scars. Let us see how to use CBD for scars? First and foremost, you need to understand that scars are a medical condition. So treating them without medical supervision can be dangerous. For instance, CBD oil, although you don't need a medical marijuana card or a cannabis card renewal to get CBD oil. If you live in a legal state you can easily get CBD oil over the counter with the help of a doctor's recommendation. So, make sure you know your state laws to legally access cannabis-based products. Having said that let us see how to treat scars with the help of CBD oil. 

In my personal opinion, oral medications will not be helpful. You need an ointment that sits right on top of the scar for complete effectiveness. This also means that you need to apply a CBD cream or a CBD rich oil on top of the scar to see better results. But don't forget to consult a doctor before doing so. 

Final Thoughts Most CBD products do not require a medical cannabis card or cannabis card renewal for that matter. The reason being they are FDA approved and can be used for treating certain types of medical conditions. However, there are limited studies related to CBD and scarring. So, we can either wait until further studies or try CBD oil for scarring, but, under medical supervision. After all, CBD oil hardly has any side effects.

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