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Plumbing Problems


If you live in the Point Cook area you will know that you will face many troubles with plumbing. Especially Sanctuary Lakes. As your foundations move your pipes can crack and cause you issues. This is one of the issues you will face if you built in Sanctuary Lakes. The reason is Sanctuary Lakes was built on a salt mine and this can cause weeks foundations to move.


The good news is that you live in a civil like Australia and Point Cook is in the heart of Melbourne and even though they let you build a multi-million dollar golf cause on a salt mine. You can have nay issues that may happen due to it fixed quite quickly.


Why would you need a plumber:


There are many reasons why you may need a plumber however. The most common issues we hear about are leaking pipes, blocked drains and sinks, Odd smelling toiles, leaking water, random pools of water in your house. Have a gas heater, well they need to be serviced and you need to get them checked for carbon monoxide, getting a hot water system installed. There could be a number of other reasons why you need a plumber. The rule of thumb is if it uses Gas or water give us a call.


Leaking Pipes:


Leaking pipes can be expensive and you might not even know it. Water can drip for a long time and can cost you money. However, the leaks you can’t see can cost you even more. They are so back they can happen for years and you end up finding out you need to replace a whole wall or something. You might be able to tell if you can sometimes hear a slight dripping noise. Don’t risk it get it checked out.


Blocked sinks and Pipes:


If your water drains slowly or not at all you may have a problem. This can be a result of your of build up based on what you have poured down the drain. However, it can be a result of many other issues too like tree roots. So if something sees wrong get it checked out. This is one of those things if you leave for a long enough time the repairs can be really expensive and the damage the cause can be even worse.


Need a new hot water system:


If you have a hot water system that needs to be installed then you need to get qualified to install and sing off on the stall. Hot water systems are not to be played with the inter action of water and Gas is are forces you don’t want to play with. Likewise you don’t want them to leak so a good plumber like Plumber Altona is a good solution.


Odd smelling toilets:

Odd smelling toilets are a sign of something is not clearing down there.  It could be backed up for a while and rotting.  The smell is unpleasant and can be harmful so get it checked out and see what you can do before those guests come around:


What you should expect from your plumber:

Always expect your plumber to be professional and arrive on time . They should be able to explain to you your problem in a way you understand and let you know what needs to be fixed:

Their work should get glowing recommendations. When you ask your plumber for previous clients they have worked for then they should be happy to give the number of clients they have worked for in the past.

Quality plumbing service:

Your plumber should have a quality of service that you believe is suitable for the work you required. The work should not look messy and should be done the first time around. They need to respected member of their profession and you can check please like  to see if they are a member. Plumber Point Cook who trades under Plumber Altona is such a professional you can expect to have your work done.


Returns your calls:

Your plumber should call you back in a time efficient manner and you should not be the one who is all ways chasing. They should speak in a good temperate and make the effort to make sure you know what you are getting.


Highly qualified:

Your plumber should be able to do a number a plumbing related jobs related to the work you need. Not a jack or all trades but really know your problem and know the specifics that relate to it.

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