Buying Jewelry Online VS in Store: Which One Is Better for You?

by APSense News Release Admin

There was a time when customers had no other options but to depend on one or two stores in their vicinity for their jewelry requirements. But, the same is not the case today. The evolution of online jewelry stores in the last few years is able to break the monopoly of offline stores to an extent.


Having multiple options is always a good thing for customers. Thanks to a highly competitive environment, now irrespective of your choice for jewelry shopping, you can expect a relative value for money deal without compromising the quality.

In this article we will compare both offline and online jewelry stores based on the five most important attributes; as a result, as an informed buyer, you can take your call accordingly.

  1. Variety

  • On online jewelry stores, you often find a large variety of options to choose from. And they also offer customization options on most jewelry pieces, which is a definite plus. By choosing a b initial necklace, you can truly personalize your jewelry and use it as daily wear. However, you have the option to go with any other letter as per the initial of your name, nickname, or surname.

  • Compared to their online counterparts, offline stores offer a significantly lesser number of options. However, by choosing a giant store, you can somehow expect a relatively larger variety of jewelry pools.

  1. Convenience

  • Online jewelry stores have a clear edge here, owing to the sheer comfort it offers to buyers. You don’t have to move outside, or take a half-day from work, without worrying about traffic or parking, you can purchase your dream jewelry with some clicks on your digital device.

  • For those who are not so acquainted with the digital platform, offline stores can help them to buy their required jewelry products.

  1. Quality

  • Both offline and online, the quality of the jewelry solely depends on your choice of store. Upon a little research, you will be surprised to figure out only a few stores getting a thumbs up from the majority of their existing customers. So, we recommend extensive research about the store before your purchase.

At Takar Jewelry, we are committed to offering you the best-in-class customer experience with quality jewelry pieces, and a smooth return policy. 

  1. Size Comparison

  • In offline stores, choosing the right size is relatively easier as you can try on the jewelry piece before your purchase.

  • Many times, it has been seen that buyers order the wrong size of jewelry during their online purchase. So, it’s advisable to measure your size beforehand and compare it with the size chart before adding it to the cart. However, the smooth return and exchange policy in most online stores helps customers to rectify their mistakes.

  1. Cost Factor

  • For almost all seasons, you will find some kind of discount offers running on online jewelry stores. On festive seasons like Christmas, you can expect a massive discount on your favorite jewelry products.

  • On the other hand, it’s hard to find discount offers on offline-based jewelry stores on regular days. However, they also give discounts on festival seasons.

Verdict: Buy Jewelry Online OR Offline Stores

It is quite evident that overall online jewelry stores offer a better jewelry shopping experience. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to research extensively about the store well in advance. For those who are not comfortable operating digital devices, an offline jewelry store is an ideal choice.

Where do you stand on this debate; offline or online jewelry store? Let us know in the comment section below.

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