Buy the best liquid multivitamin: Fill up nutritional gaps

by Bryan P. Marketing Specialist

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the human body. They contribute to the proper functioning of various body systems such as circulatory system, digestive system, skeletal system, and excretory system. Critical vitamins and minerals can be obtained by consuming fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients like vitamin C, E, and D. But most of us fail to maintain proper diet due to hectic work schedules. In such scenario, vitamin supplements come into play. They provide the requisite nutrients and help us choose between the different types of vitamin supplements.  


Vitamin supplements are of two types – liquid multivitamins and vitamin pills. Vitamin pills are difficult to consume for those who face issues in swallowing pills. Every type of vitamin supplement has its unique features and benefits. Liquid vitamins are the most popular and sought-after vitamin supplement. They are easier to swallow and come in different flavors. Those who seek swift absorption can buy the best liquid multivitamin according to their choice of flavor.


There are various advantages of liquid multivitamin. Some of them are:-

·         Bioavailability – On consumption of a certain nutrient in specific proportion, they are absorbed in the body and ready for use or storage. Liquid vitamin supplements are easier to digest, since they need not be broken down due to their existence in the soluble state. This leads to better and faster absorption of the liquid supplement. In liquid vitamins, the bioavailability is quite higher as compared to other vitamins.

·         Convenience – Liquid vitamins promote convenience for those who find it difficult to swallow multiple vitamin tablets. Intake of liquid vitamins is easy since they can be mixed with a morning drink such as juice or smoothie. You can also consume it directly, thereby making the process much less of a chore. Buy the best liquid multivitamin that is convenient to you and suits your palate.

·         Organically harvested – The best liquid multivitamin is organically harvested by village women from West Africa. The vitamins and minerals contained in the liquid multivitamin is derived from the sources that are free from harmful pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic chemicals. The village women of West Africa put all their labor for the production of the liquid multivitamin that comes in vanilla bean flavor. Hence, the liquid multivitamin offers a more natural approach to supplementation.

·         Customizable dosage – Once you buy the best liquid multivitamin, consult a dietician or nutritionist and ask them what dosage to consume based on your age. Adults are usually recommended to consume 1 or 1½ teaspoonful, whereas kids are recommended to consume ½ teaspoonful of the liquid multivitamin. The intake amount or the dosage are customizable, hence varies from person to person. 

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