Build Your Early Retirement Planning Like A Pro with This Step-By-Step Guide

by Avinash Meheta Sip mutual fund 

Retirement is inevitable, and there will be both regular and unexpected expenses which you will have to provide for. The only thing that will come on a halt is your monthly income. And that’s where a retirement plan comes in picture.

A retirement plan can help you live the retired years of your life with ease and the way you desire, without having to worry about your financial condition. A thoughtful retirement plan will help you stay financially independent even after your regular income has stopped.

Choosing the right retirement plan is a step-by-step process, where you analyse your current financial situation and assess future needs. And, here's how to go about it.

First, assess all the possible expenses you will incur post-retirement:

  • Daily Living Expenses
  • Medical Expenses
  • Uncertainties
  • And Retirement Goals
  • Expenditures Relating To Family, Kids, And Other Social Requirements

The corpus you will require after retirement should be able to meet all these expense requirements, without worrying about you. And, how your retirement will turn out, depends on your financial choices. Let’s get that right.

        Determining The Corpus

It is impossible to determine the exact amount of money you will require after retirement, to live a healthy stable life. But, if you do not make an assumption, you will not be headed anywhere. Your retirement age, life expectancy, monthly expenditure, medical expenses, inflation, etc. are all the expenses you need to keep in mind and decide a figure for the final amount you will need.

        When To Start Planning

Your current life has the same amount of daily and uncertain expenses that your life after retirement will have. If you delay your retirement plan thinking you have enough time, it will not be long before time runs out. Starting early has many benefits; you will not have to restrain your finances now, you will be able to save a more massive amount, and when you're still young, you're ready to take risks and invest. When you're old, you would want to play safe.

        Get Rid Of Debt

You don’t want any loans or debts lingering around when you grow old and have to live on a limited supply of money. Therefore, one of the first steps toward retirement planning has to be to pay off any debts you might have quickly.

        Choosing an Effective Health Insurance Plan

Life is unpredictable, and if you believe that you're going to be just fine after you have grown older, you could be wrong. Many physical ailments affect the body as we step into our 50s and 60s. Therefore, it is essential to have an adequate health insurance plan in place, so that your retirement planning does not get used up in a medical contingency.

        Taking The Plan And Reviewing It

Not only is early retirement planning essential, but it is also important to keep reviewing your plan to ensure your plan is moving as expected. Every change relating to the plan, like your current income status, change in retirement age, medical conditions, etc. have to be incorporated into the plan, and it has to be updated regularly. 

While every one of us wants to live a long healthy life and expect that we will, life is still very uncertain. While you plan for your retirement, be blunt, think of the worst case scenarios, and make sure the corpus amount you consider is more than you actually require.

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