CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is a subtractive manufacturing technology, created by removing material from a solid block. CNC Machining used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this manner include lathes, mills, routers and grinders. CNC milling is a mechanical machining process suitable for machining a wide range of materials and producing a variety of custom-designed parts and it is held in a spindle and can vary in form and size.

Milling uses a milling cutter to remove the surface of the material by advancing in a direction at an angle. CNC milling machines are controlled in one of two ways: by computer or via manual override. Deccan Engineering Works CNC Milling machines designed to provide industrial capabilities and fit into any space. They have the ability to maximize your profitability because all three have enough torque to cut stainless steel without crowding out other machines.

Operations involved with CNC Milling

CNC Milling operations involving irregular surfaces and outlines, such as parts with curved and flat surfaces, or completely curved surfaces. The process employs formed milling cutters or fly cutters specialized for the particular application, such as convex, concave, and corner rounding cutters. The CNC milling machine will perform one of the following actions to produce the necessary cuts on the workpiece:

1.      Slowly feed the workpiece into the stationary, rotating tool

2.      Move the tool across the stationary workpiece

3.      Move both the tool and workpiece in relation to each other

As opposed to manual milling processes, in CNC milling, typically the machine feeds moveable workpieces with the rotation of the cutting tool rather than against it. Milling operations which abide by this convention are known as climb milling processes, while contrary operations are known as conventional milling processes.

DeccanEW’s CNC milling machines allow for the resolution of many problems which cannot be easily solved using prior methods. The technology approaches the working process in a way that’s both more effective and more efficient. For example, without a CNC milling machine, the process of cutting metal for car parts or even aerospace components would be much riskier. With the support of computer programs, one can access and create high definition designs that are easily converted into Cartesian coordinates.

Most CNC milling machines are available with 3 to 5 axes— typically providing performance along the XYZ axes and, if applicable, around rotational axes. The X-axis and Y-axis designate horizontal movement, while the Z-axis represents vertical movement and the W-axis represents diagonal movement across a vertical plane.

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