Broken Smartphone? What Can You Do Next To Save Money?

by sidharth kapoor Financial Advisor
You have broken your smartphone screen. It could’ve slipped out of your hands while you were busy on a call or drove away your car while the phone was still on the windscreen – no matter what the reason is, the glass is now cracked from side to side.

With better-equipped smartphone models making their way into the market regularly, the cost of such upgraded variants are on the rise as well. When you buy a smartphone, you tend to look at it as an investment, considering its cost and the number of features it packs in. Therefore, it follows that investing in mobile insurance is indeed necessary.

If the display and touchscreen controls are still in fine shape, here is a list of cost-effective steps that you can take, right after breaking your smartphone screen:

Check whether smartphone insurance covers a broken screen

The first thing that you should do is confirm whether your mobile insurance policy extends coverage for a broken screen as well, and if so, under what conditions. If it does cover, arranging a quick fix should be easy. But you might have to be without your phone for a few days, and there is a chance that you have to shell out an extra fee for it.

Use an old mobile phone

With a cracked smartphone screen, the next best thing that you can do is use an old phone that you had stashed away. You will need a quick replacement, irrespective of whether the glass is smashed completely, or you have sent it for repairs.

In case you don’t have an old phone for the time being, a relative or friend might. You can have a handy replacement till you decide what you’d want to do with the phone and its smashed screen.

Read up DIY tips to fix the screen

If you have already decided to not buy a new phone, you should ideally try and fix the mobile screen with the right instructions available on the web.

The internet has a number of DIY guides (repairs tutorials) to fixing a broken smartphone screen. This will help you keep the cost of repairs in check, and also give you a sense of accomplishment.

That being said, remember that it is easy to make things worse if you don’t have the required skills and aren’t prepared to the tee.

Pay for screen repairs

While you can send your phone for repairs to the authorized manufacturer, you might have to shell out a hefty sum for that. Moreover, repairs of high-end smartphones can burn a hole in your pocket should you be out of the warranty ambit.

Instead, try out a local phone shop. A simple search on the internet, coupled with reviews and customer feedback, can help you zero in on one of the local stores. This way, cost of repairs will not hit the roof, and neither will a skilled technician take much time to get your phone screen back in top shape.

However, you can continue using the phone should you feel that the basic controls are fine, and the screen isn’t going to fall apart anytime soon. Besides, applying a screen protector might prevent further cracking.

In conclusion, don’t let a cracked mobile screen ruin your day. You can purchase mobile screen insurance online within a matter of minutes. However, from within the host of insurers in the market today, selecting the best mobile insurance for yourself will take basic research and online policy comparisons from your end.

Mobile Screen Insurance, for instance, is one-of-a-kind insurance policy that is designed to cover any financial loss resulting from damages -- due to fire, burglary, electrical or mechanical glitches, and accidents -- to your mobile screen. With this mobile screen insurance, you can get comprehensive coverage up to Rs. 10,000 at an affordable premium of Rs. 499 only.

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