Bring efficiency into your workplace. Choose the right set of caster wheels.

by Ankita Awasthi Article Writer, Seo Analyst

Moving heavy equipment across the factory floor manually is a painstaking job. It requires enormous physical effort and entails the risk of injuries too. To reduce the work load and make movement of goods more efficient and fast, heavy machinery and warehouse owners have resorted to using carts with caster wheels. These wheels are pneumatic wheels and specially manufactured for heavy duty operations such as transport of heavy materials within the factory premises or warehouses or supermarkets.

Why Caster wheels?

Caster wheels are heavy duty wheels made for withstanding the grind of heavy operations. They are very sturdy and suffer less friction on the ground as they are rolled. They provide smooth movement even on undulating surfaces and have the ability to carry any heavy object.

Since wheels play an important role in the performance of a workplace, it is important that you use wheels which can deal with all types of workload. If the wheels don’t work smoothly, the movement of goods within the warehouse or factory premises will slow down. Inefficient working of the wheels can result in breakage and loss of time and also the risk of damage of goods. Therefore, caster wheels are used since they will not only make your transportation hassle free but also render it safer. It will ensure that the loads stacked one upon another on the cart doesn’t topple on the workers. This will help them concentrate better on the task at their disposal.

With caster wheels it is very easy to turn the cart around tight corners. The wheels provide least resistance while moving across any floor. You can find caster wheels in all shapes and sizes. So when you buy caster wheels online, you can opt for the size of wheel which suits your purpose. If you want to move heavy objects, you will need larger caster wheels to bear the load. For bearing lighter and compact loads, smaller wheels will suffice. Also, keep an eye on the price tag. Caster wheels price online is much less than retail stores and you can choose from a variety.

How to choose the right caster wheels?

Swivel Ball Bearings: Swivel ball bearings on wheels help in easy maneuverability. There are single ball bearing casters and double ball bearing casters. Single ball bearings have a row of steel balls that are placed back to back in an assembly. These ball bearings are suitable for wheels which are involved in heavy goods and warehouses. If you want the casters to produce less noise and smoothly move across the floor, then you can go for double ball bearing casters. These wheels are suitable for carts used in supermarkets and malls.

Brake and Lock Options: Caster wheels are available in brake and brakeless options. A caster with a lock brake helps the user to control the motion of the cart. It consists of a foot-operated pedal which is connected to a brake and a lock system that locks the rotation at any point you choose.

Types of wheels: There are three types of wheels-Thermoplastic Rubber Casters, Hi-tech Polyurethane Casters and Pneumatic Casters. Pneumatic casters are the best as they are air-filled and roll better even on uneven surfaces. They are    suitable for plying heavy loads.

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