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If we go back to the basics, we will find that the literal meaning of the term ‘Psychedelic’ is ‘to reveal the soul.’ It’s an ancient Greek term coined together from two words, ‘psyche’ (soul) and dēloun (to reveal). If psychedelic itself means to reveal one’s true self, then how can psychedelic drugs be harmful? The meaning of psychedelic compounds has been lost in transition either due to people who fear the unknown or due to those who don’t want humanity to know their true self. Companies such as Bright Minds Bio have been struggling for years to enlighten people about these substances' therapeutic use.

Breakthrough researches in the psychedelic space have started to reveal the true nature of psychoactive compounds. A team of research scientists and other industry experts at Bright Minds Biosciences have patented serotonergic system agonists that are an effective treatment for mental health disorders.

Psychedelic Drugs To Treat Brain Disorders Isn’t A New Concept

“To fathom hell or soar angelic / Just take a pinch of psychedelic,” - Humphry Osmond.

• Humphry Osmond was a popular psychiatrist from Canada. He was the one who coined the word “psychedelics” for substances such as DMT, LSD, and psilocybin.

• Soon after this, companies emerged to commercially manufacture drugs that contained psychoactive compounds.

• Medical professionals prescribed these drugs to cure addiction, substance abuse, depression, and many other brain disorders.

• However, LSD soon became the town's talk, and people started to use it for recreational purposes.

That’s when the use of such drugs came to a halt due to the ban imposed on Schedule I drugs, which psychedelic substances were a part of.

And with that, it ended the era of researches on the therapeutic use of these mystical substances too!

Bright Minds Bio & Modified Psychoactive Compounds To Treat The Human Mind

As time evolved, scientists began to acknowledge serotonergic compounds' potential to cure any brain function disorder.

• In the last five years, more biotechnology companies have entered the psychedelic space searching for a possible treatment for problems where traditional medicines stop responding.

• Professionals at Bright Minds apply their knowledge, experience, and expertise to create serotonergic agonists. These agonists target 5-HT2 receptors in the central nervous system.

• Serotonin is also known as the ‘happy hormone.’ People who are diagnosed with neurological illnesses are found to have reduced levels of serotonin.

• These agonists activate the 5-HT2 receptors in the brain and produce a biological response, which resets the brain.

As it rightfully means, it rightfully acts too.

Investors are funding researches and studies carried out by biotechnology companies such as Bright Minds Biosciences. This positive shift in the psychedelic space has occurred due to people becoming more aware of these compounds' possible benefits. Also, acknowledging the fact that traditional medicine only controls the brain health disorder and never completely cures it has also played a major role in the re-emergence of these powerful therapeutic drugs.

As new companies join this industry, it increases the possibility of mental health patients being cured for their sufferings, forever, and not just temporarily.

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