Breast Augmentation in India the best way to shape your Body Figure

by Larry Oshiola Medical Consultant
Before we get into the technicalities of breast augmentation in India, we need to check how things are without this surgery. Well, shape and figure of woman plays an important role in their grooming of their personality. The more appropriate is the shape the better would be the confidence level another self esteem. This is the reason why women with meager figure, are now going for these surgeries as they know they end up getting the right shape for the cosmetic reasons. The surgery deals with adding up the implants in it have to make the size of the breast bigger and smarter. This procedure is often carried out for cosmetic reason and not any functional reason for sure. Well, let’s check more on this in the following paragraphs

Breast Augmentation In India

Understanding Breast Augmentation 
The Breast augmentation in India is primarily carried out to inflate the size of the breast and thus offer a right shape and size of the woman’s breast. This surgery is carried out for a number of reasons which could be basically cosmetic but at times it can be even medical. The surgery is carried out adding up the implant with the silicone shell that remains in the medical grade silicone gel along with the salt water solution called the saline. The surgery helps in correcting the body proportion of the women and thus fixes things right. Some of the people are seen having large size hips that help in making their breast smaller. 

Breast Augmentation Procedure
The method used for carrying out the Breast augmentation in India is inserting and positioning the implant that would certainly depend upon the anatomy and preferences as set in consultations with the surgeon. The surgery starts with inserting the implant with the incision and is then made in the natural crease that goes beneath the breast. It is credible to make certain incisions over the armpit over the edge of areola. The incisions are then closed with the help of dissolving sutures along with giving the right support. The Breast augmentation usually consumes around 2 hours to complete with the help of general anesthesia and often requires overnight stay at the hospital. Some of the time it is often carried out during the day time and the evening the discharge is seen. 

Recovery after Breast Augmentation 
After the breast augmentation in India, the patient is likely to feel tired and would seen some amount of bruising and swelling, which would fade away with time. The discomfort after the surgery would settle own with the pain medication. After the surgery, the patient has a light dressing, which would be there for two weeks. After these days, the dressing would be removed and then it would be cleaned and inspected. The scars you see would be pink and firm and would at least require six weeks to stay and would remain there for around two years. The patient will also have certain follow up visits just to check any changes taking place in your body and so on. 
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Benefits of Breast Augmentation 
The breast augmentation in India promises a number of benefits, which give the women enough reasons to consider it. Some of these benefits are as under: 
  1. It improves the body shape and weight balance 
  2. It adds up more beauty with it 
  3. It boosts up the confidence level and esteem of the women 
  4. The surgery also helps to get rid of certain medical issues
  5. In this way, the breast augmentation surgery has much role to play in the life of women in making things better for her. 

Wrapping up 
This surgery breast augmentation in India is known for offering a number of benefits and considering it in any Indian hospitals would promise many advantages. 
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