Bread Can Be Healthy: Benefits Of Sourdough Bread Revealed.

by Xavier Hennings Marketing Manager
When we hear the word “bread” our mind immediately visualizes a picture of an old bakery with old wooden furniture. A furnace in the corner, ready to devour the freshly kneaded dough and spit out crusty and fragrant pizza bread, pita bread, milk buns, focaccia, brioche, whole wheat bread and many more. Soft country music is being played and the whole place is filled with the aroma of spices and flavoured bread being baked.

To top it off, our minds also tantalize our tastebuds by imagining the golden texture of each bread type, gleaming in butter that makes the crust. And soft white portion which is chewy and sweet from inside.

Sourdough is one such bread. Though it is more widely known for its tangy taste and method of preparation and baking, it is also known to have multiple health benefits too!

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Following are the benefits of sourdough bread which are a little less known by the people.

1. Lactobacillus:  We are quite familiar with this bacteria. It is a good bacteria found in yoghurts, buttermilk, sour cream, kefir etc. Here, in making sourdough, this bacteria is responsible for the fermentation of the flour and water mixture. It creates lactic acid which is a catalyst great for breaking the big nutrients present in whole wheat which our bodies otherwise cannot break down and digest. Lactobacillus helps keep our gut healthy.

Since sourdough bread is prepared by fermenting the dough with naturally occurring yeast, it makes it a nutritious version of bread. 

2. Phytates: Long soaking is required for sourdough. Due to this prolonged soaking, most of the Phytates present in the grains are broken down. These phytates bind the minerals in the grains. Therefore, in the absence of phytates, our bodies can easily digest the nutrients locked in the grains. You can order fresh sourdough from your nearest wholesale bakery in Melbourne.

3. Glucose: One great health benefit of sourdough is that it doesn’t cause the blood sugar level to spike. The science behind this is that unlike the processing of white bread, during the fermentation process of sourdough, most of the glucose is devoured by the natural yeast( yeast feeds on sugar for a long time). Thus leaving behind the very little amount of glucose left in the bread to be consumed.

Also, this long process breaks down many gluten proteins too into amino acids thus making sourdough bread tolerable to those sensitive to gluten.

The conclusion is that if you like to eat fresh-baked and warm bread while keeping your tummy happy sourdough bread is the right choice for you. Get your order delivered from a sourdough bread supplier in Melbourne.

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