Body Image Basics: Perfect Is the Enemy of Good

by Reggie Moore Professional writer and proto entrepreneur

Body image struggles can be relatable for many people. People see models, actors, sports stars, and other media figures' bodies, and, often, they develop unattainable goals. It is important to remember that celebrities have personal trainers and that magazine photos are highly edited. It is also important to remember that your mindset, your personality, your goals, and your talents are far more important than your body type.

You Do Not Have to Look "Perfect" All the Time

The only person pressuring you to look "perfect" all the time is you. Nobody expects you to look perfect at the grocery store, at home, or at work. Even on your wedding day or for a photoshoot, you do not have to look perfect. What is the definition of physical perfection anyways? Societal norms constantly change and beauty is strictly in the eye of the beholder. Perfection looks different to each individual person.

It Is Better to Go Out Without Makeup Than to Miss Out on Get-Togethers with Friends

If your makeup and hair routine takes up a lot of time, it can interrupt your fun. If you are invited to spontaneous plans with friends, you do not have to do an extensive hair and makeup routine before heading out of the house. If you do not have the time to do your makeup, just go out without any on. You will be surprised at how little of a difference it makes.

Do Not Use Your Body as an Excuse to Skip Beach Days

If your family and friends want to go out to the beach, you cannot let your insecurities ruin the day. Wear whatever swimsuit fits well and feels comfortable for you. Think about your fitness later. The beach is a place to get out and have fun. Try sunbathing, swimming, surfing, skimboarding, boogie boarding, or building sandcastles to distract you from your insecurities or negative thoughts. Find some curvy swimwear and embrace the idea that you also deserve to enjoy life, despite what you may look at as your imperfections.

Do Not Let Your Body Distract You From Having Fun

You deserve to have a good time no matter what you look like. While you are on the beach try to keep your thoughts off of your body and your eyes off of other people's bodies. You do not always have to take the perfect celebrity-inspired beach day selfie while out at the shore. Focus on the beautiful weather and the good times that you are having instead.

Waiting for The Perfect Time or Your Perfect Body Before Doing Things is a Mistake

There is no one specific definition of perfection. Because of this, waiting for perfection is a mistake. Often, the problem is not actually with your body but with your mindset. Adopting a less self-critical mindset can help you to get over body image hurdles. Take photos, go to events, and live your life. If you are planning a wedding, a photoshoot, or another special event, avoid setting specific physical goals in advance. Instead, you can empower yourself daily leading up to the event by using positive self-talk.

Imperfection Is Relatable

You might be surprised how many people struggle with their body image. Imperfection is a highly relatable experience for most people. Even supermodels deal with acne, skin rolls, dry skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, dark spots, and cellulite. These imperfections are a part of what makes people beautiful, individual, and memorable. Sometimes it can help to talk to other people about your struggles with body image and feelings of imperfection. When other people are able to relate to your thoughts and feelings, it can help you feel less alone.

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