Blower for Dogs: a Short Guide to Choice

by Oggy Johnson Tech Specialist

Dog owners know how difficult it can be to dry their fur impeccably, especially when it comes to long-haired dogs. With a classic towel, it is certainly possible to remove the excess water, but the hair of the dogs remains wet, which can be pleasant in the middle of summer when the temperatures are very high, but certainly not in winter when the dog may feel too cold. It is always possible to try to dry your dog's hair with the hairdryer that you are also used to use to dry your hair, but we do not recommend it: first of all, in fact, the hairdryers that we are used to use are too noisy for dogs, without forgetting then that if your dog is a large size it is possible that you need many hours to dry his hair properly.

What to do? If you want to guarantee your four-legged friend an impeccable drying of his hair, in a short time, without any kind of annoyance, you must necessarily buy the dog blower. The dog blower is, in fact, a tool that allows a simple drying of the hair, even in the case of very long hair. Not only that, it is also a useful tool before washing the dog, so that you can raise his hair to the best of your ability and thus reach with the shampoo all points of the body, so as to be able to remove excess hair now detached, dirt, traces of soil, dry leaves and the like. We remind you that many people believe that the only blower is the ideal choice, while others think that it is necessary to combine it with a special professional phone for dogs. Let's go together to discover this product and all the features that should be taken into account when choosing the model.

Hot Air Blower For Dogs: The Features

The long-haired dog blower is a product available today in many different models. We must admit that at least at first glance these models are very similar to each other, so much so that choosing the best and most suitable for your needs may be complicated. For this reason, we have decided to draw up for you a list of features that you must in our opinion absolutely take into account when purchasing:

The models of electric dog blowers available on the market today all have a fairly powerful motor. Always prefer the most powerful motors, which can guarantee you high efficiency and the possibility of obtaining a very powerful jet. In this way, you will be able to dry the hair of your four-legged friend very quickly. Not only that, a powerful engine and made with the best materials, it is also an engine that manages to ensure longer life in time. This means that the blower will not be damaged after a few uses just and that you will not have to replace it in a few months with a new model. Always consider that depending on your dog's breed, it is possible that you will have to wash it constantly and dry it constantly. It is, therefore, better to have a resistant product!

Doggolab reminds us that It is always better to opt for a professional dog blower that also has an overheating protection device. In this way, in the case of overheating, the product would automatically stop working, so that it is possible for you and your dog to achieve maximum safety.

The dog blowers available on the market today are all many more silent than a traditional phone. However, always check their degree of silence and choose the model that produces the least noise possible. With a dog blower that is intensely silent, in fact, you will have the possibility of not causing any kind of discomfort to your four-legged friend who, on the contrary, will enjoy drying his hair.

The best dog grooming blowers are those with at least two temperature levels to choose from and at least two air delivery speeds. Blowers of this type, in fact, allow you to adjust temperatures and speeds according to the needs of the hair, the degree of tolerance of your four-legged friend and also according to the environment in which you decided to perform this operation.

Finally, it is also important to take into account the presence or not in the packaging of accessories. The best blowers are those that offer a round nozzle, at least two flat nozzles of different sizes and also a comb-shaped nozzle. In this way, in fact, it is possible to intervene at best on each type of hair, changing the nozzle according to the various parts of the body and the length of the hair in each area, with the possibility of even untangling the hair impeccably during drying. In short, really professional grooming! In this way, moreover, those who own more than one specimen can buy a single product for all, easily adaptable in fact to any kind of need. Obviously, if all these accessories are present, it could be very practical to have a sachet in which to insert them, a small extra that is certainly of little importance and always pleases to have available.

While we are talking about accessories, we feel finally obliged to advise you to always check that the tube is long enough, especially if your pet is large, otherwise the risk of having to move the blower several times during drying. It is always better to make sure that the blower is in possession of wheels that are not excessively heavy so that moving is simple and so that the blower is easy to handle.

These are the most important features, to be taken into consideration when choosing your dog blower, but we remind you that there are models of very different sizes. Always consider this element, so as to avoid buying a model too large for the space you have available to store it. It is also always good that a cable reel is available, to store it more easily and to protect the cable from shocks that could damage it. To optimize the space available, you can also buy a wall blower. We remind you, however, that these models are usually not very powerful, so ideal only in the case of a sporadic use and for many small sizes that do not have very long hair.

Blower Aspirator For Dogs: A Single Model For Two Different Needs

There are also models of dog blowers on the market that can be used as real vacuum cleaners. They are tools that offer the possibility of quickly and easily removing excess hair from your four-legged friend, to prevent him from losing it in every area of the house dirtying all the rooms, to prevent the creation of knots that can be rather difficult to eliminate. This also ensures that shampoo residues are effectively eliminated.

With the vacuum mode, the excess hair is sucked into a container inside the blower or into a disposable bag depending on the model, always of course with extreme delicacy to make sure not to cause any discomfort to the dog. Despite the delicacy and despite this can be considered a complete product, we can assure you that there are few dogs that are happy to undergo the suction of the hair.

Blower For Dogs: The Purchase

The price of the dog blower ranges from 80 to 120 euros. It is not possible to talk about a particularly expensive product, especially considering that the best models are also very durable and that your dog will be eternally grateful. However, as we know, saving is a must today as well as today for any possible purchase, especially for the purchases in the pet sector, which are numerous and that at the end of the month, therefore, weigh heavily on the family budget. To save money and also to have a wider range of models to choose from, we strongly recommend you to make the purchase directly online.

You can choose between pet shops or Amazon, the big ecommerce giant. In our opinion, it is preferable to buy a dog blower for Amazon because here you can find the best prices on the web because often you find the dog blower on offer for greater savings because here the models are countless and the product cards really well made. For each product, you will find a description, images, in some cases even videos, without forgetting the excellent comparative tables and reviews. The reviews on the dog blower are left by those who have already purchased that product, not necessarily on Amazon, and are ideal for understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each model and then choose more consciously. Amazon is also famous for the excellent service it offers, one of the best on the web.

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