Blood Cancer: Types, Symptoms and Treatments

by Shweta Singh Professional Writer

Did you know that every year more than 2,000 people are diagnosed with blood cancer in India? Although compared to other types, blood cancer is quite rare in our country, yet the number keeps on increasing every year. Luckily, India has facilities for providing the best blood cancer treatment possible.

Blood cancer or Hematologic cancer takes place when blood cells start to grow abnormally in the bone marrow, thereby preventing other cells from performing regularly. 


Blood cancer is predominantly of three types:


1. Leukaemia

It starts with blood and bone marrow. When the human body produces abnormal white blood cells more than the regular amount, the red blood cells and platelets production drops down radically. This condition is known as Leukaemia.

2. Lymphoma

It begins in the lymphatic system and gradually starts affecting it. The Lymphatic system is responsible for removing the excess fluids present in the body, thereby building the immune system. 

A type of white blood cells called Lymphocytes is a part of our immune system. When these cells are produced abnormally, the lymph nodes and other organs get poorly affected.

3. Myeloma

Another type of white blood cells- plasma cells are the ones responsible for preventing diseases by building antibodies. When the plasma cells are produced abnormally, the condition of Myeloma takes place.


Following are the symptoms of blood cancer:

  1. Fever
  2. Tiredness or Weakness
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Skin Infections
  6. Headaches
  7. Pain or discomfort in the abdominal cavity
  8. Breathing problems
  9. Swollen lymph nodes
  10. Pain in the joints
  11. Excessive sweating during nights
  12. Nausea
  13. Confusion
  14. Discomfort while urination
  15. Bleeding gums


Blood cancer treatment through a reputed hospital and strong record is the best way to cure the deadly disease. Following are the treatments available:

1. Chemotherapy

By introducing drugs in your body, which can kill the cells, the process of chemotherapy occurs. It is of three types:

a. Low Dose Chemotherapy

b. Standard Dose Chemotherapy

c. High Dose Chemotherapy

2. Stem Cell Transplant

After giving high-dose chemo drugs, doctors introduce new stem cells in the body through a drip. These stem cells further help the body create new blood cells and better immune systems. The stem cells might be of your own or the donor. 

3. Radiotherapy

Radiation is another way of killing cancer cells and cleansing the body.

4. Surgery

By undergoing surgery, like splenectomy (removal of the spleen), blood cancer can be cured of its roots. 

5. Biological Therapy

In this therapy, the introduction of certain drugs takes place to strengthen your immune system and help fight cancer. 

Blood cancer, though rare in India, is prominently found in children with weak immune systems. It is better to look out for all the symptoms and monitor their health status to prevent such diseases. In the worst cases, one should always consider having treatment for blood cancer as soon as possible after detection, to cure it at early stages. These treatments might also have specific side effects, which should be tallied with the doctors first. 

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