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by Bård F. Content Writer
BG has been online for 4 years, and in that time we have made a significant journey towards higher level of self independence, engagement and networking. APsense is in so regard just another step towards a more free daily life.

BG is situated in the midst of Norway, were the fjords are long are the mountains is seen from a distance as white gigants in the sky. Here the seasons goes in a four base rhythm, with cold winters and sunny summers. The temperature differs between minus 20 and plus 30 making it the best place on earth. 

BG target Nordic customers, but as internet in worldwide, I have seen a great response from all over the globe. It is interesting cause of how internet works out. You can sell even not ever having seen the product yourself. You can connect with people around the world, to a higher knowledge and understanding. My aim is to make world a better place for all, not only us blessed people of the North.

There is much wrong with this great world. We fight, we argue, we want revenge, we want to get power, we want to live in peace. But as I see it we cannot continue this journey without any loss. I hope the loss can be for them that already had too much, that has never thought of others, those that never had misfortune, those who never needed to work for anything, for those howdy not see the indifference.

We are in the midst of difficult times, I am willing to work with people all over the world to get a better life in reconciliation with humans, animals and all of nature.

BG writes articles on health, human rights, nature, pollution, green energy, positive trends, solidarity. Please make me your friend and possible partner.

BG is welcoming you!

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