Beyond Mobile Fast Food Business: Food Truck Layouts 101

by Michelle Aban SEO Content Strategist

As of 2022, there are 35,000 food truck firms in the United States, and it will continue to rise this 2023. This is a new dawn for the food industry, especially in the mobile fast food business. To compete with the other 35,000 trucks, create an eye-catching restaurant design to attract guests' attention. The number of food trucks has nearly quadrupled in the previous decade, resulting in a fierce rivalry. So it is evident that food trucks have carved out a niche in the expanding restaurant market in the United States.

How Do I Start a Mobile Fast Food Business?

No two food truck business ventures are alike. Thus, no two mobile fast food business design projects will be alike. Your menu, equipment, and employees will all impact the food truck's size. You can design your food truck plan or hire a professional to design, alter, and produce your food truck. In the following sections, we'll look at how to successfully organize your food truck and what elements affect its layout. This blog will teach you about food truck layouts before starting a mobile fast food business. Let’s get to know these things:

Food Truck Design

How you organize your truck will be heavily influenced by its length and width. Although they can be between 10 and 26 feet long, food trucks are normally 16 feet long and 7 feet wide. This adaptable car is for street parking so that it may assist nearby pedestrians. 

No matter your truck size, you'll face the issue of cramming all the necessary equipment into a little area. One of the most crucial choices you will have to make is which automobile to buy. You won't be able to fit your personnel and equipment if your car is too small. You risk overpaying and eroding your profit margins if it is too large. This is indeed an essential food truck equipment layout that you have to consider. 

The Interior of a Mobile Fast Food Business

Everything is made of materials. Some entrepreneurs will choose less expensive materials that are fragile, difficult to clean, prone to stains, and even possible to transfer to food. Always choose interiors made of premium stainless steel. This means everything should be made of stainless steel, including the floor, walls, counters, and storage. It offers a beautiful, contemporary design and is by far the cleanest interior material to use.

If you want to create a food truck equipment layout, think about the supplies you'll need to stock your truck and the particular area you'll be working in. By laying out the area and allocating appropriate zones for equipment based on the vehicle's dimensions, you may adapt it to your needs. 

You can also look into used food truck equipment and layout plan to save money and have a  bird’s eye view of what to expect when it comes to a food truck’s interior. 

The following listed below should be physically marked within your truck. Here is your food truck needs when it comes to layouts:

Equipment for Refrigeration

Any mobile eatery has to have commercial food truck equipment for refrigeration. You can store your cold food while saving space by investing in under-counter freezers or refrigerators. Special refrigeration units for food trucks can be added to preserve more food.

Cooking Utensils

Buying countertops or portable versions of several gadgets may be advantageous depending on the items on your menu. You may have more freedom when planning your kitchen because not all appliances need to be put beneath an exhaust hood.


A straightforward option to reduce the quantity of equipment needed on your truck is to prepare your food in a commissary kitchen. Consider preparing your food at home or before your truck leaves for the day if you don't have access to one of these facilities.

Sink Area

You might want an underbar sink if you have a food truck. These sinks can be positioned beneath counters to ensure simple access to the remainder of your kitchen.

Equipment for Warming and Holding Food

If you intend to prepare meals before your truck departs for the day, you must have the appropriate warming and holding tools. This guarantees that any ingredients or meals you create for your clients stay fresh.

Cabinets and Storage Space

If goods can't be kept in a fridge or a holding cabinet, think about using food storage equipment like bins and containers. Due to the limited space in a truck, it may be challenging to store products in bulk, so be sure to plan the ingredients you'll need carefully.

Cash Register 

With the correct tools, food truck entrepreneurs with access to a tablet or smartphone may quickly transform their devices into a POS systems. You can use this to eliminate big cash registers that take up counter space.

Serving Area 

Design a simple serving area to access to ensure that customers can readily acquire their food. Ensure that your serving window has sufficient serving supplies to handle your customers' needs without hindering your workers.


A sound ventilation system is essential to keeping a secure workspace, even if you aren't working in a typical kitchen setting. Read our post on commercial kitchen hood code requirements to learn more about the standards set out by the codes and how to install ventilation systems in your truck effectively.

Food Truck Branding

Any business needs branding, and when paired with your food truck's design, it lets you tailor the experience for each client. Your truck's branding can include everything from its straightforward name to its striking paint job. You can also use the internet and social media to strengthen your truck's brand.

The difference between marketing a brick-and-mortar restaurant and a food truck is that, in one case, you're trying to drive people to your restaurant, while in the other case, you're trying to drive people to your customers. An appealing appearance will help draw attention to your mobile fast food business. Here are some choices to think about when branding the outside of your food truck.

Details on the Food Truck

You'll want to plan your food truck layout to maximize space, keep your workers happy, and enhance the client experience. Whatever stage you're at in your quest to operate a food truck, it's critical that you gain a thorough awareness of everything that can influence your decisions. Keep the following points in mind as you get closer to launching a food truck business:

Creation of a Business Plan

When starting a business, a comprehensive business plan is essential. It can serve as a road map that guides you through the process. Every owner of a food truck should prepare and keep an updated business strategy. When you decide to launch a food truck business, this should be the first action you take.

Pro Tip: Your business plan should include an executive summary, company description, market analysis, service or product line, organization, and management. You best include marketing and sales, funding request, financial projections, and an appendix.

Permits Are Required

Before designing your food truck, ensure you know what permissions you'll need to operate it in your city and state/province. You can submit your design plans to your local government for approval before carrying them out. 

This can be inconvenient, but it could save you from costly fines and redesigns later on. You'll need to apply for permissions and licenses for your food truck just as you would for a typical restaurant. Check-in with your local authorities to ensure you've applied for and received the necessary permits.

Water Storage Containers

Water is a crucial component of any kitchen; chances are your food truck will not be connected to a centralized water supply. Make space on your truck for water distribution and storage equipment to ensure you have access to water.

The Cost of Equipment

This will vary based on your menu and how busy you anticipate your business. To build an accurate equipment budget, conduct a considerable study into what equipment you may require.

Service Areas

Like any other vehicle, professionals should service your food truck regularly. This ensures that your truck complies with government regulations and works properly.

Choosing the Best POS System

Choosing the finest POS system for your needs might be tough. Conversely, the correct solution can significantly increase productivity, organization, and client happiness.

Leases for Trucks and Equipment

If you opt to lease a vehicle rather than purchase one, the lease and monthly payment might significantly impact your goals and budget. See our post on leasing a food truck if you're unfamiliar with the process.


There are many various sizes and shapes available for generators. The simultaneous use of refrigerators, drink dispensers, freezers, fryers, ovens, and lighting uses a lot of energy. With the stroke of a button, you can perform all these tasks if you purchase a reliable business generator. 

It is impossible not to have a generator for your mobile fast food business. These generators have a lot of power but emit heat and carbon monoxide. Ensure that your generators are installed properly, with adequate ventilation, and far from anything flammable.

Solar Panels

Using solar panels will help you run your food truck more affordable. Initially feeling like a hefty investment, solar panels will quickly pay for themselves if you live somewhere with enough sunlight.

You can install the panels on your roof. The panels are flat and normally won't detract from your truck's appearance, but it can be difficult if you want to use that space for ventilation and storage.

Regulations Governing Health and Safety

Take particular care to follow your local health and safety codes to ensure your firm operates safely and legally. Failure to do so may result in a fine or the closure of your firm. Like any other restaurant in the area, you must adhere to local food safety regulations. Contact your local health department for extra information, such as if you must prepare your meals in a professional kitchen to ensure your mobile fast food business is successful!

Pro Tip: Fire certificates are also essential in running a food truck business. If you're cooking food on the truck, you'll almost certainly need to go through a fire department inspection. The standards for a fire certificate differ from one state to the next.


If you intend to hire workers for your mobile fast food business, you must obtain an employer identification number. You also need a federal tax ID issued by the IRS to identify a company entity. An EIN allows you to create a business bank account and build your company's credit history. Due to the small size of a food truck, it cannot accommodate many employees at once. When deciding how many staff to recruit, remember to include EIN, your truck's business hours, and how long preparation and cleanup will take.

Marketing Platforms

Because food trucks often do not rely on repeat consumers, make an effort to use as many food truck marketing methods as possible. Making the most of branding options, online marketing initiatives, and traditional marketing approaches can all help your business gain traction.

Outsource the Design of Your Food Truck

While saving money by doing it yourself is alluring, avoid becoming the next Pinterest vs. reality meme. In the long run, outsourcing your food truck design can save you time, money, and hassles by ensuring it will be completed correctly the first time.

Bottom Line

The number of food truck enterprises in cities and at festivals is increasing. To properly serve your customers, ensure that your food truck has an efficient layout, a food truck equipment list, is comfortable for you and your employees, and is tailored to reflect your brand.  Creating a food truck may take longer than intended. It may take a professional one to three months to design and perform the work if you are not designing and refurbishing your truck. When you first start renovating, keep these things in mind.

No matter how difficult things may seem, stay positive and enjoy the journey. Learn more tips about mobile fast food business with Island Girl Seafood. Follow them on Twitter or connect with them via Linkedin to get the freshest tips to becoming a successful food truck business owner!

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