Best Ways to Learn Spanish Language

by Prerna Mehta Classes of Professional Studies

With global borders diminishing day by day, prospects have expanded for individuals who are familiar or fluent in foreign languages. In addition to the required academic degree, if you aim to leave a lasting impression in the booming industry, learning one or more languages can be a significant move. And one such language which promises a lucrative career worldwide is Spanish. Therefore, a huge demand can be witnessed when it comes to pursuing a Spanish language course


The other big advantage of learning Spanish is that, unlike German and Chinese language, it is relatively easy to understand language for people who speak English. Moreover, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world with approximately 527 million Spanish speakers. 

While some of us learn a second language for pleasure, most of the people learn it for professional reasons. And the Spanish language has provided more in terms of professional growth than many foreign languages. Most of the MNCs, customs offices, International banks, export houses, NGOs, telecom majors and the embassies require foreign language experts who can act as a bridge between the two linguistically different countries. 

If Spanish intimates you as much as it does to other 527 million people on earth, here is a comprehensive guide to starting your Spanish learning journey. 


  • Find a suitable Spanish language course

Doesn’t matter if you chose an online or a classroom approach to get your grip over the language, the important thing is, you must be able to practice what you have learnt during the Spanish language classes back at home. Therefore, it becomes relevant to hunt for the right Spanish language course to perform well during the learning process. Keep the following points in minds:


  • Consider your schedule while picking up a course
  • Compare the money factor
  • Research the background of the trainer
  • Check if the institute you are pursuing Spanish from is certified or not
  • Make sure the environment is competitive
  • Infrastructure
  • Study material is provided or not
  • Talk to one of the ex-students for reference


  • Participate in the Language Exchange Programs

Language exchange programs are yet another amazing and interesting way to learn Spanish or any other languages for that matter. You can offer to learn your native language in exchange for training you in Spanish. This exercise will provide you with exposure in talking to a Spanish speaker. Plus, this is the perfect way to implement what you have learnt so far in practice. 


  • Use Flashcards

Now, by flashcards, I mean, Digital flashcards. Gone are days of pen and paper notes to make things stay forever in your mind. Besides, flashcards are the best way to build your vocabulary. There are several good flashcard apps available on the internet that you can download on your mobile phones and work on building your vocabulary anywhere or anytime. 


  • Listen to Podcasts

Many will agree with the fact that learning a new language requires much time and effort. But, we cannot also escape from the reality that we find it very difficult to take time out from our busy schedule. Thankfully, we have podcasts available on the internet on almost every subject. 


Podcasts are easily accessible and helpful in learning the Spanish language, even if you are doing laundry, walking the dog or travelling for work. Basically, any work that doesn’t demand your brain’s attention can be done while listening to Spanish podcasts. 


  • Read Spanish Books

This might seem difficult in the beginning, but if you like reading then why not read books in Spanish? At least, try to read the book page by page. Don’t rush to complete the whole without making notes of places where you lack. 


If you find this method intimidating, start with your favourite book and find its Spanish translation online. You will find it easier to read and this practice will help you gain the confidence to pick another book in Spanish. 

Note - We also provide German Language course and French Langauge course if you want to learn you can contact us 

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