Best Vitamins and Minerals for Your Healthy Teeth

by Anishka Sharma Consultant at Healboat

Calcium: Calcium is best friend for teeth, as we all know that our bones are built with the help of minerals but in case of teeth, calcium helps in the hardening of the enamel and the shape of jawbone is also strengthen. One should add milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli etc to their daily diet to improve the level of calcium intake in the body as well as for strengthening the teeth.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is essential for the entire body as it is also associated with eyes, vitamin A helps in keeping our eyesight in good condition. There are various foods which are rich in vitamin A such as carrots, oranges, pepper, sweet potatoes, kale, and spinach, you can also find vitamin A in eggs and fishes as well. Vitamin A helps in production of saliva and cleaning all the bacteria from mouth, teeth and gums. It also creates a mucous membrane to coat your gums and cheeks so that they become susceptible to disease.

Vitamins B: Oral inflammation and mouth sores can be ward off with the help of vitamins B specifically riboflavin and niacin, if anyone suffering from this type of mouth sores or inflammation in tongue or gums must pay attention on the intake of vitamins B in their daily diet, you can add red meat, poultry, fish, almonds, legumes etc.

Vitamin D: It is very important to take vitamin D because it helps in absorption of calcium and also boost the bone mineral density and make them strong, best way source of vitamin D is sunlight, spend some more time in sunlight and you can also get vitamin D from foods such as milk, cereals, canned tuna, fatty fish etc.

Vitamin C: When it comes to strengthening your gums by keeping the connective tissues strong and healthy, one should increase the intake of vitamin C because it helps the tissues so that they can hold the teeth and tighten the gums and take care of bleeding gums as well. There are so many foods available that are rich in vitamin C but limes and lemons are well known as the best source of vitamin C, various other foods such as berries, orange, kale, broccoli, pepper etc.

Phosphorus: It is noticed that in order to fully absorb the calcium one should take phosphorus along with calcium, most of the dairy products are rich in phosphorus and calcium both where there are so many supplements who don’t have phosphorus in them. If you want to enjoy the benefits of calcium supplements, phosphorus is going to have to be consumed through diet so you must take foods such as milk, cheese, yogurt, red meat, beans, lentils, nuts, and whole grains etc.

Iodine: It is required in a very less amount to make it effective as it helps in the development of bones and teeth. It plays a vital in the healthy functioning of thyroid glands so it should be taken in appropriate amount to avoid the irregular functioning of thyroid gland. You must take foods such as shellfish, seaweed, garlic, sesame seeds, squash, and reasonable doses of iodized salt in your diet.

So other minerals such as Zinc, Fluoride, and Iron should also be consumed to keep the mouth and teeth healthy.

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