Best Vegan Proteins for Athletes: Gain Muscle Mass

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Summary:  Proteins we would have to get through food which contains all the essential amino acids. It is important to keep our health perfect.

The best quality vitamins are comprised of combinations of bimolecular amino acids. There are twenty types of amino acids, which serve to form different proteins. What our body really needs is not proteins, but amino acids to create these.

Proteins in Vegan Diets

There is a great taboo regarding whole proteins and best quality vitamins. In fact, there will be few vegans to those who have not asked them where they get insistently proteins or have been told that vegetable proteins are of lower quality. The argument that only animal proteins are complete is obsolete, as it has been shown that different plant foods like quinoa, soy and seitan contain all the essential amino acids. In addition, they can also be obtained through combinations of foods such as legumes with cereals (lentils with rice) or legumes and seeds. These combinations do not need to be made in the same meal, but it is advisable to vary the sources of protein throughout the day.

Types of Vegan Protein for Athletes and Protein Shakes

At this point there is no doubt that a vegan protein can satisfy the body's protein needs. What about athletes? Sometimes athletes incorporate proteins in powder or in shakes. This is done primarily to gain muscle mass and strength. The shakes offer the possibility of eating high amounts of proteins low in fat and carbohydrates. They also stand out for the convenience of being able to take it at any time and how quickly it can be mixed.

The main vegetable proteins that are usually consumed in shakes or supplements are pea protein, rice, hemp and pumpkin. We are going to make a small description of these:

Rice Protein

The rice protein is perfect vegan protein and helps muscle recovery. It is hypoallergenic, so it is not a problem for people allergic to gluten, lactose or soy. In addition, rice protein helps control blood. It helps to lose weight by activating lipase in the liver and walls of blood vessels, thus burning fat more easily. The fact of containing leucine, an amino acid that helps the growth of muscles, makes it better than Whey protein. It is often combined with pea protein, which makes it more complete. The perfect amount to take to obtain visible results is estimated at 48 grams for people who include in their diet between 100 and 150 grams of protein by doing some type of training. We leave you a vegan rice protein energy fruits.

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