Best Tips to Buy Summer Tyres For Your Car

by Benten MOT Centre Car Repairing Garage Newbury

Experts suggest shifting from winter tyres to summer tyres as soon as the spring arrives. Many countries even impose fine on the motorists who don’t use tyres as per the season. This piece of article will let you know why it is better to change from winter to summer tyres during the spring season along with the best ways to select and use summer tyres.

Why you must shift to summer tyres from winter tyres

Winter tyres come with a soft rubber compound that may lead to an unstable ride on hot road surfaces. You may also get minimised road grip, the uneven wearing of the tread, increased risk of puncture, etc. Therefore, manufacturers make use of a rigid compound having a very low portion of silicon polymers to manufacture summer tyres.

Winter and summer tyres Newbury can be differentiated via the tread design. It allows for minimal hydroplaning risk, enhanced grip on both wet and dry surface, short braking distances, improved steering and resistance to tyre deforming.

 Tips you must Follow

Selecting the correct tread pattern as per the operational conditions of a vehicle is essential while picking new tyres. The most versatile tyres are the Tyres having an asymmetric pattern of the tread. Proper road holding capability on both wet and dry surfaces is ensured by them. Hence, they are fit to be used for sports cars. In rainy regions, tyres having directional tread pattern are indispensable as they prevent hydroplaning easily.

Based on your vehicle’s requirements, you must decide to change the tyres of your car.

If you are looking to buy durable tyres, you should go for brands like Bridgestone, Cooper, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin. You must know that these brands have their own research labs, testing sites and production facilities to offer innovative technologies. Their product range includes safe, high performance, reliable and high-quality tyres.

The rigid tyres are very resistant to wear. Therefore, a vehicle covering huge distances on regular basis must be paid attention to. Simultaneously, you must remember that tyres with a soft rubber compound provide superior grip.

The service life of the tyres reduces if you store them for long in a warehouse as the ageing of the rubber compound occurs. Therefore, make sure to buy the latest car tyres with the current year of manufacturing.

It is suggested that you must prefer wide tyres while choosing from the sizes suggested by your manufacturer for warm weather use. Such tyres have more spot of contact. You must remember that its hydroplaning propensity is also higher.

As compared to Tyre replacement, it is very convenient and economical to alter the wheels in assembly. This can be done on your own. Apart from this, tyre damage during installation and dismantling is minimised.


Your safety on the road is affected by the reliability and quality of tyres. It determines the distance of braking, steering ability of a vehicle, performance on the roads and their holding capacity. Therefore, you must responsibly choose tyres. You must follow these tips and instructions provided by the manufacturer to buy reliable Summer Tyres Newbury.

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