Best tips and tricks to shield your speakers

by Anna Mathew Digital marketer

Speakers tend to produce electromagnetic waves which can harshly impact system components like hard drives, picture tube in a monitor, and even the graphics card. If your speakers are placed around your computer or you have a surround sound system, then the potential risk of damaging your computer components increases.

So it becomes quite a necessity to install some insulation or a barrier on your speakers to stop any electromagnetic fields. You can refer to some of the tips and tricks mentioned below to shield your speakers and avoid any electromagnetic field.

Check for obstructions

Before planning to install the shield on your speakers check thoroughly if there is any shielding present on the speakers as many new home theaters and surround sound speakers have shield preinstalled on them. It is best suited to refer to the user manual of your speaker as such specific details are generally available inside user guides.

Use electromagnetic field detector

User can also use electromagnetic field detector to ascertain if their speakers emit electromagnetic waves. Although these detecting devices are quite expensive and require a professional to use properly. But to be sure you don’t have to shield the wires of your speaker as they do not emit any such harmful waves.

Place it away from vulnerable devices

A simple yet effective tip to avoid any damage to your vulnerable devices is to place your speakers at an approx distance of 3 feet from any device or hardware as the impact of the electromagnetic waves starts to diminish beyond the 2-3 feet distance. In other words, three feet distance is considered to be a safe distance for many electronic products from the electromagnetic waves.

Add a metal cap

 Users can even choose to apply a metal cap on the speaker to create a barrier for the electromagnetic waves. To do so, first, they will have to remove the back panel of their speaker cabinet and look for the magnet, which is a donut-shaped object placed at the back of the speaker.

Measure the magnet

Then use a measuring tape to note the size of the magnet correctly. It is essential to accurately measure the magnet as it would be crucial in choosing an appropriate shield for your speaker.

Get the right shield

Purchase the correct size of the shield after taking measurements. It is best to opt for readily available materials like steel items, or caps of small air ducts or a user can purchase specific products which are certified for stopping electromagnetic waves.

Secure the shield

Now place the shield in the place and properly secure it. It is best to use a glue gun to secure the barrier on the magnet properly. Hopefully, you will easily be able to apply a shield for your speaker and secure all your hardware from any potential damage from electromagnetic waves.

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