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Languages are the means of conveying and expressing our thoughts. It not only provides a mean of communication, but also allows expressing various kinds of emotions, including joy, anger, sadness and many more. A language is specific to a country, known as the official language, but these languages can be spoken by a few people of other countries as well, hence making global communication easier and more effective. English is one such language that is spoken by a large population globally, even in countries where it is not the official language.

Different Aspects of English Language

As English is considered to be a global language, it is widely acknowledged as a basis for global admissions and employment as well. Several entrance exams like TOEFL and IELTS often require English efficiency scores in various aspects of reading, writing, speaking and listening to grant admission in foreign universities. We can’t practically learn all languages and hence learning English from the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi is mandatory. Some of the basic and must know features of the language are as follows:

  • Of all the foreign languages, English is the easiest to learn owing to its natural elements
  • Another important feature of the language is that it makes use of Latin alphabets, with a few basic alphabets, 26
  • English as a language has been inspired by various other languages such that there are several English words that have their origin in some other language
  • English follows a fixed word order following the SVO order. This indicates that subject always come before verb and object
  • English has a continuous tense form which is not that common with other languages
  • English language has article system, which means articles like a, an, the etc. are widely used
  • There are certain languages that are tonal, which means tone changes the meaning or definition of a sentence or a word, but English is a non-tonal language, ad tone is only used to express emotions without hampering the meaning
  • Why Learn English?

British Express provides for some of the Best Spoken English Classes in Delhi, that are meant to enhance skills not only in English language, but in various other foreign languages including Chinese, French, German, Spanish, among others. As said earlier, it is practically not possible for a human being to master every other language, but under all circumstances there might be chances when we need to move to a new country for business, leisure, education or work, and at this point English come to the rescue.

English is a globally spoken and understandable language that is one of the official languages for most of the countries; hence this is appropriate for communication and survival purpose. To master the language, you must be able to speak, write and read the language.

These 3 are important to indulge in a conversation as well. In most of the job opportunities abroad, and even in India, companies gave preference to those who are well proficient in the English language, and comparatively such candidates are given high salary packages as well. Therefore, English will not only enhance your personality but will add an extra feather to your achievements.

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