Best Paints to Use on Your Face and Body?

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer
You’ve prepped your skin. You’ve prepared the sponges and brushes you’ll need. You have wipes to correct any mistakes. Now, all that’s left is to apply the paints on your body and face. Which brand and products, though, should you use? Before you can experiment with looks and see how the different colors play off your skin, you’ll need to choose the body paints you need. Here are a few tips to help you figure out which one is best for you. 

Know the Bases

When you shop for body paints, pay attention to the base they use. 

Water-based paint. This is the safest paint that you can use. Water-based options are well regulated and have strict production guidelines. They are also easy to wipe off, non-toxic, and often the best choice for kids. If you’re using body paints on your kids for playtime, then pick out water-based cosmetics. 

Metallic body paint. Metallic options are perfect if you want to draw attention to your face and body. If you’ve been wanting to transform into a statue, then you can mix metallic body paint with powder to create that effect. However, these paints can irritate your skin, because of the metal powder. The paints also don’t come off as easily, so they’re perfect for performance but not for kids. 

Alcohol-based paint. If you’re trying out your new designs for special effects, then these are ideal for you. Also, if you love using your airbrush, then stock up on alcohol-based paints. These are waterproof, though, so you might need rubbing alcohol to remove them. You also need to give your skin a day or two to rest before you use it again.  

Latex body paint. These are great for cosplayers since they’re affordable and don’t leave behind any residue. But make sure you aren’t allergic to latex, or your skin might break out.  

Think About Usage

If you’re using the paint on yourself, then pick body paints that contain no allergens for you. That means you might need to stay away from metallic body paint, alcohol-based paints, and latex body paints or use them sparingly unless you’re certain that you have no allergic reactions to them. If you’re using the paints for kids, though, look for child-friendly paints. Hypoallergenic paints are the best as they aren’t harsh for your children’s skin.

Look at Kits 

When you’re shopping for body paints, you’ll encounter plenty of kits. If you’re new at this and trying your hand at body and face painting, it’s a good idea to buy a kit instead of getting what you need through individual orders. 

Consider Drying Time 

Some paints take a bit longer to dry. If that’s not a problem for you, then go ahead. However, if you’re painting kids’ faces, you’ll need to look for options that dry faster. Kids are fidgety and many can’t stay still for long. The sooner those paints dry, the better. 

Factor in Duration

How long will that makeup last? If you need one that can last for hours, pick paints that are either based on alcohol, latex, or metallic paint. 

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