Best Ketone Supplement To Improve Brain Health & Cognition For Men Over 40

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Best Ketone Supplement To Improve Brain Health & Cognition For Men Over 40

Imagine you could reduce the impact of dementia and ward off some of the signs of aging on your brain just by taking a supplement. With Oxford ketone ester, you get a science-backed product that can enhance brain energy and cognition!

New research continues to shed light on the aging process and the tools and strategies that can be implemented to minimize some of the symptoms. Brain network stability is a biomarker for brain aging, and recent tests have sought to prove whether diet can be capable of modulating communication.

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deltaG Ketones emphasizes the health and performance benefits that ketones can provide. This is an ongoing area of study among health professionals and scientists. By investigating the potential of diet to positively affect brain communication, the team can contribute to advancing scientific insight into sports, aging, and physical and mental performance.

The study cited as part of the awareness campaign used two large-scale groups of 292 and 636 adults. These were split into thirds, with one group scanned over their normal diet, while two others were tested during overnight fasting or ketogenic diet conditions. In every group, brain network destabilization showed a correlation with decreased cognitive abilities.

Effects on the brain were obvious at 47 years, but the most rapid cognitive degeneration occurred at 60 years old. Destabilization was linked to glucose, while ketones showed an ability to provide added stabilization. This stability was seen in both ketogenic diets and through the ingestion of ketone ester.

With research showing that brain network destabilization could be linked to dementia, results indicate that ketone ester has the potential to protect your brain and prevent the symptoms associated with dementia.

deltaG is committed to researching and developing ketone technology to help athletes and customers to optimize health, wellness, and performance.

A spokesperson states: “Our revolutionary Oxford Ketone Ester is unique in its potency, maximizing Ketone levels in the blood and providing a powerful fuel source that augments physical performance, sharpens mental acuity, and supports your metabolic health. Ketones are nature’s super fuel. When the body is pushed to its limits, we convert stored body fat into ketones for energy that help fuel the brain and body.”

Are you ready to combat the signs of aging and boost mental clarity? You’re in the right place!

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