Best Guide for Electric Razors


For getting groomed up for daily affairs electric razors are a must. Electric razors help to achieve a clean look Ina very short period. That is why they have become so popular in the market.

 For best result one must choose an electric razor wisely. There are some criteria which should be kept in mind in order to choose one's IDEAL SHAVER. They are discussed below.

Guide for Electric Razors

 Top 5 Guides for Electric Razor

1. Blade Type: At first it should be kept in mind that there are generally two types of electric razors regarding blade types.

     Foil Razor- It generally contains three to five blades which work in linear motion. This type of razors is recommended for people with sensitive skin as they work in linear motion they are less likely to give irritation to skin.

     Rotary Razors -It contains three to five-round heads which have blades inside them. These work in a circular motion to cut the beard. Generally, rotary razors are recommended for people with tough skin and a thick beard. This type of razors cut the hair going in a circular motion which cuts the thick hair well.

 2. Power Supply: There are razors which can be used both with connecting to the power supply or without connecting to the power supply. They are rechargeable and they can be used anytime anywhere. They can be either cordless or corded. If someone prefers cordless razor they can go with that. It totally depends on their personal choice and what makes them feel comfortable. Some might not feel comfortable with shaving with a cord connected to the power supply. There are also razors which need a disposable battery to work. It must be kept in mind that there batters hold be changed after three to four shaves.

3. Wet Or Dry Shave: Now this depends on time and mood. If someone has plenty of time in hand then he can definitely go for a wet shave. This will require a shaving gel or foam to work. And if someone is in a hurry and on the go, he can just take the razor and get a dry shave and be ready in a few minutes. Most of the modern electric razors give you both the options of the dry or wet shave. It totally depends on you which one you want to go for.

 4. Cleaning Method: There are razors which need to be cleaned manually and then there are also razors which need no manual cleaning. Just one touch on a switch and every bit of the razors are cleaned by themselves. Some prefer cleaning manually so they can choose the razors which come without a cleaning kit. Some might not feel like cleaning the razor on their own and buy an electric razor which comes with a cleaning kit or cleaning station. It totally depends on the customer and his priority.

 These are the main factors which should be kept in mind before buying an electric razor. It depends on one's preference and what he wants. Also one’s skin type, affordability, availability of the razor in the market, etc. also should be kept in mind. There is plenty of different electric razor with different features out there. A little research about the product before buying it can 

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