Best Essential Oils for the Spring Season

by Pradeep Singh Marketing Head

In this article, we will have a look at the benefits of Natural essential oils, which are useful especially for the Spring Season. Some of these essential oils are discussed below:


Peppermint essential oil helps to alleviate nausea or an upset stomach, but you can also massage your abdomen with this blended oil to relieve stomach cramps and queasiness. It encourages feeling of relaxation and eases you from the feeling of stress and other negative sentiments like anxiety. Blended with pine and eucalyptus, peppermint oil is best for applying to the chest and throat to calm coughing fits and help relieve bronchial congestion.


A solution made with eucalptus essential oil can ease asthma attacks when spread on the throat & chest and can alleviate the pain of fibromyalgia when rubbed into the affected area few times a day. It reduces headache discomfort and strengthens the compromised immunity. When blended with lime, thyme, lavender and lemon this essential oil refreshes your mood and boost up your energy as well.


Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils which is especially used for medicinal and home care purposes. Lavender can be applied to alleviate skin rashes, acne, insect bites and minor burns as well. A few drops of this oil can help you get a restful sleep, while promoting easier breathing. When blended with peppermint, lemon or ylang ylang this oil can give you an immune support too.


Chamomile has been used as a calming herb since the Roman eras, and a cup of chamomile tea can help quieten frayed nerves. This essential oil can also alleviate stress and anxiety, insomnia, depression, and irritability especially when associated with menopause. It supports skin health and encourages the feeling of relaxation.


Basil essential oil is used topically and massaged into the skin, enhancing the luster of dull-looking skin and hair. It is also commonly used to treat the symptoms of acne and other skin infections and eliminates airborne mold and yeast particles so that the risk of allergic reaction can be reduced. Due to the calming nature of this essential oil, it has a refreshing effect when smelled or consumed, hence providing relief from migraines, and depression, mental fatigue as well.


With its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic properties, oregano essential oil is great as it protects against harmful bacteria to reduce the risk of infection, viruses and fungus. It also reduces respiratory discomfort as well as promotes easy breathing. When blended with peppermint, lemon, tea tree it supports and strengthen immune function.


Thyme is a known herb and is generally used as a condiment or a spice. It calms and reduces the risk of any inflammation. Thyme essential oil also tones up the nervous system, heart, digestive system, circulator system, muscles, and skin while fortifying them and boosting immunity.


Tea tree essential oil treat almost any common type of ailment. It also eliminates all airborne mold particles to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. When blended with lavender, pime, geranium or oregano this essential oil helps immune-enhancing.


It is one of the best essential oils which promotes sense of determination when feeling sluggish. Lemon essential oil also refreshes the skin and energizes the mind. It regulates the body’s negative reactions to allergens and supports body elimination to the toxins. This oil when blended with grapefruit, orange or lime uplifts your mood and boost you up at the same time.


This oil can be diffused to alleviate stress, and helps to reduce migraine headache pain as well. It supports wound healing and also diminishes the appearance of scars. With the help of this oil you can calm inflammation, any pain, or bloating and cramping. This oil also supports and enhances the immune function when blended with cinnamon, sandalwood or bergamot.

Thus, we have seen some of the natural essential oils, which are best for the spring season and have various benefits. You can also try these essential oils and witness their benefits.

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