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Bonaire is the hidden jewel of the Caribbean; this Dutch Island is truly one of a kind. Hello, y name is Jamie, and today I will share with you about my travel journal around the world and all places I have explored while in Bonaire.  Today I have made a list of some of the most incredible places I have been while exploring Bonaire.

Here are some of the top places in Bonaire you have to see to believe:

Number 1- the Solar Salt Pans

Located at the southern tip of Bonaire through the cloud lies the setting out of a Hollywood blockbuster film-the Solar Salt Pans of Bonaire-the Solar Salt Pans.

Located at the southern tip of Bonaire through the cloud lies the setting out of a Hollywood blockbuster film-the Solar Salt Pans of Bonaire. The Solar Salt Pans have been pumping salts for over four hundred years. The Salt pans cover thirty percent of the island and to put that in perspective Bonaire is very tiny. It may be hundred square miles if you look off to the side there are these massive enormous piles of dried sea salt. It takes ten to twelve months for the water to evaporate and the salt to be fully formed. The salt is then carried out through this salt pier and it is put on big transport ships and shipped out to the rest of the world. The million-dollar question is why are the salt pans so pink as the salinity increases in the water there’s only one type of algae that can grow in such a high salinity content and there’s only one type of shrimp that can eat the algae and there's one bird that can eat this algae-the flamingo.

Best Thing to do in the Solar Salt Pans

1.         You can rent a moped just grab a friend and go on a nice long cruise. While riding along I came across these salt bubbles, the wind was blowing across the one salt lake and on the leeward side, there was just this massive pile of white salt bubbles. The salt pan is a primes spot to pop off fire grams.

2.         Wear all white go to the pink and you will be rewarded with the most cinematic pictures of the surrounding areas. This one is truly one of those places you have to see because it is something so unique that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Number 2 - Underwater Caves

Head inland and north on the island to the underwater caves of Bonaire. Bonaire is a big coral reef that popped out of the ocean and there is a network of over four hundred caves on the island. People cannot build houses here because it is all caves, this is the kind of stuff that you can expect while exploring the region.

What can you do here?

Just walk through the five hundred meters smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood and you can stumble on some underground caves that are as big as a cathedral. If you are in Bonaire and you are going into the cave system do not go alone, you can find tours all over the island that can take you down into the caves. They know exactly where not to go and they can keep you safe to see the rock formations and see the history of the island. If you look closely you can see imprints of fossilized fish and coral in the limestone rock.

To get to the underwater cave entrance we had to trek down the raw cactus forest of Bonaire to an opening in the side of the hill to the water caves. It's an entrance to another world –the thing about the underwater cave is that they are very narrow; you cannot go down without a scuba tank.

Number 3- Day Diving

This Island was made for diving; there are around 87 dive sites on the island itself. Rent all your gear you load up the truck and you go first to dive with the trip. For the dive site, you have to walk down, once you enter the waters of Bonaire it is like you are going into another world because the island itself is very dry but underwater that’s where life is all.

Things to do

 If you are a photographer especially underwater you have to dive at Salt Pier, it is the most photogenic dive spot, you will find huge schools of fish just like to chill in the shade under the pier and they don’t move as you can swim right up to these fish.

Number 4- No name beach

Not far off the coast of Bonaire is one of it, not the only island left in all the Caribbean that has not and cannot be developed on the island is called Klein Bonaire which translates to Little Bonaire. Getting to the island is very easy, there is a water taxi that runs a few times a day but the best way to go and beat the crowds is to make friends. It’s a place that you can have to see it to believe it, to experience it. You are more or less stranded on your private island for the day when you visit Klein Bonaire.

Number 5-Night Diving

If you have ever wondered what happens underwater when the sun goes down!! When you are Night diving the feeling of isolation is so overwhelming that you are this tiny little human and you are inside such a big unknown ocean of water. It gives you the closest feeling to going inside outer space you have never been before. You may also come across a fish called asar khan the Oscar cod which is a fish that glows in the dark-it is a bioluminescent fish.

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