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What is Dental Implants

The soft (gums, mucosa, and tongue) and hard tissues (teeth, bone) of the mouth work collaboratively to perform various functions. The teeth and gums in the mouth are susceptible to bacterial infections such as decay and periodontal diseases that will eventually make the teeth weak, broken, or may fall out. Sometimes, the teeth may also be exposed to traumatic accidents and make them non-functional.

In such cases, dental professionals can recommend alternate options of restorations. A dental implant is a restorative option to replace non-functional, missing, or intensely decayed teeth.  

Dental implants are biocompatible screws that act as roots of the tooth and a crown is then placed on the top of it that performs the functions of the tooth. This screw is surgically fixed into the jawbone.


Types of dental implants

Following are the two types of dental implants

1) Endo-steal dental implants: These dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone.

2) Sub-periosteal implants: These dental implants sit directly on the bone, below the gums.

Dental implants are fixed into the jawbone in such a way that it provides a solid stable base for the crowns similar to the natural tooth roots. A single implant screw is required in place of the single tooth root and multiple screws are required if several tooth roots are missing.


Dental Implant surgery procedure:

Dental implant placement is a surgical procedure that involves cutting and drilling of the jawbone under local or general anesthesia. This systematic process requires multiple visits and thorough patient-centered planning.

The dental professional will first take a complete and thorough dental and medical history. The dental and medical history will guide the dental professional to check the dental and general health status of the client. Afterward, certain clinical and radio-graphical assessments to figure out the status of the oral cavity, teeth, bone, and gums.

The dental professional will then make a diagnosis, prepare the treatment plan based on the clinical, and radio graphical findings. Throughout the assessment phase, the team of dental professionals will guide the patient and his/her caretakers.   

The dental implant surgery is done either in a single visit or in dual visits. Single-visit surgery involves cutting and drilling of the gums and bone, screw and abutment placement, and final closure of the bone and gums.

Dual visit implant surgery involves the cutting and drilling of the gums and bone, screw placement, then closure of the tissues. The screw is then allowed to heat for five to six months after which an abutment is fixed on the top of the screw that acts as a crown. At times, the bone is not enough thick to place an implant hence bone grafting can be done to achieve maximum thickness in the jawbone, so to stabilize the implant within the jawbone.

Dental Implants are patient and tooth specific. Not every individual is eligible for this procedure. Certain things have to be considered when planning for implant surgery such as age, medical status, oral habits, etc.


Advantages of Dental Implants:

There are many advantages to having implants in place of missing or non-functional teeth. Dental implants look more natural hence enhances aesthetics. Most importantly, it improves chewing function. It also helps to recover speech and pronunciation of words. Besides, it also helps regain self-esteem and improves overall oral health.  



Dental implants are precious and do require regular follow up visits and clinical maintenance. Clinical management as well as home management is crucial. Oral hygiene regimens must be followed religiously to keep the oral cavity the bacteria and plaque-free. The plaque and bacteria destroy soft and hard tissues within the oral cavity by producing inflammatory processes. Hence, it is essential to keep mouth clean regularly.  

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