Benefits of yoga for cancer patients and cancer survivors

by Jaci Cohen Cancer Activist

Cancer patients these days are becoming increasingly interested in exploring various alternative therapies for treatment and to fight adverse effects of the disease. A number of patients resort to therapeutic yoga for cancer, which lies outside the scope of mainstream care. They look to fight the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy with the help of this natural exercise. Cancer symptoms like nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue and cognitive deficit can be improved with regular practice of Yoga, leading to an improvement in overall quality of life.

yoga & cancer

How yoga for cancer patients is helpful

  1. Regular yoga for cancer brings down levels of depression and anxiety

  2. Amongst women with metastatic cancer, yoga lowers the levels of fatigue and pain. It also leads to elevated levels of acceptance, relaxation and invigoration.

  3. Post chemotherapy nausea and other similar side effects are reduced.

  4. Levels of stress are brought down

  5. Yoga is able to change the direction of the mind from analysis towards ongoing bodily sensations like breath. This change of direction triggers emotional and bodily awareness.     

Yoga assists in the elimination of toxins building up during cancer. Not only muscles but even blood flow is stimulated during yogic ‘asanas’. Yoga for cancer patients balances glands and smoothens lymphatic flow in the body, thereby accelerating the body’s natural purification process. 

The anti-cancer defense mechanism of the body also receives a boost through regular exercises. And, in fact, this is exactly how yoga for cancer survivors becomes greatly beneficial. For those cancer patients who find it difficult to motivate themselves to exercise, they must speak to some of the survivors.  Refrence: Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation In Cancer

Yoga and cancer always have an antagonistic relationship to each other. While cancer looks to depress an individual, yoga is meant to make the individual happy. The science behind the role of yoga in improving the mood of a cancer patient is that - endorphins are produced during exercise and these act as mood enhancers. Even if it involves only gentle movements, the body will still produce endorphins for that positive mood thrust. 

As per studies, it has also been observed that yoga can enhance the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter that regulates the central nervous system and manages an individual’s mood. When you do participate in regular yoga practice, it will boost strength and appearance, thereby enhancing your self-esteem . 

Link to breast cancer  

Studies have been done to indicate that yoga is beneficial for women affected by breast cancer. Women in this group practicing yoga have been seen to experience less fatigue and stress. Even the ladies who stretch their limbs on a regular basis can be benefited. Certain women have shown lower levels of cortisol, whereby cortisol is a hormone released by the body during stress.

What to remember 

Certain facts about yoga and cancer must always be kept in mind. For instance, one cannot consider yoga as the only form of treatment against cancer- it cannot cure cancer. Before you take up yoga, make sure you speak to your doctor. Asking a little about the yoga teacher’s experience would also help you derive maximum benefit from the class. Always practice under expert guidance, as the wrong stretches could lead to muscular damage. 

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