Benefits of wearing Gold Jewelry

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Gold is one of the ancient metals that is associated with our prehistoric culture. To date due to the timeless beauty and regal elegance, gold has been considered one of the most popular metals in the jewelry industry. Primarily Gold was believed to indicate your social and financial status, but rather than that it has also been associated with love, compassion, illumination, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. 

For decades Gold as the metal had carried a lot of spiritual values. As a prestigious metal, gold inspires understanding, enlightenment, spiritual healing, etc. According to the Christians, the color Gold is a metal that is associated with divinity, kingship, glory, eternal deity, holiness, and majesty. 

But above all of these Gold also has some medicinal value:

  • Regulates body temperature

  • Maintain blood circulation

  • A heart-friendly metal

  • Balance body fluids; healthy for pregnant ladies

  • Heal minor wounds

  • Control spreading infections

  • Help your body generate cells

  • Rejuvenate your skin with soothing vibration

  • Great medicine for Arthritis

  • Eliminate alcohol addictions

  • Controls growth of cancer cell

  • Lift your mood with its warmth and positive vibe

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Boosts immunity power

  • Great medicine for acupuncture and the endocrine system

Also now people have inculcated their religious beliefs in jewelry. The origin of faith-based religious jewelry started in Greek civilization when Greek converted Gold as a wearable pantheon to show their love and deviation to God. There is a famous trivia about Gold; people say Cleopatra used to put a gold mask on her face while sleeping every night so that her skin looks glamorous and fresh. Even the kings and queens of Egypt are also seen wearing specially customized gold medallions and rings. Today also the scenario has not completely changed; even now people have started using lightweight 14k Gold jewelry that could be worn even with formal outfits. 

Eventually, religious jewelry started to grow a strong base in the jewelry market. After the  Greeks, even Hindu, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Arabics have started following the trend of using religious jewelry to eliminate all their problems. For example, the famous blue eye motif(Nazar) or the black thread is no more restricted in the Hindu community. Even we see people wearing a gold Jerusalem cross or maybe a Star of David pendant. Even we see people wearing a typical orthodox cross pendant or a hamsa hand necklace. In today’s complicated life we all seek solutions in stars and symbols. As example: A holy virgin mary pendant is always considered as a powerful and positive sign, who protects you from the grab of Satan. 

Gold jewelry is something that has united all cultures. It helped us to be aware of several communities' beliefs, faiths, and rituals. In today’s world of fashion fanatics, it’s fortunate people do wear gold jewelry just for the sake of fashion and most of them are nor aware of the value that these body adornments have. 

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