Benefits of Using Magnetic Drain Plug for Your Automobile

by Eajaz Alam Seo Company

Benefits of Using Magnetic Drain Plug for Your Automobile

Each time you run the engine it becomes more contaminated with many thousands of materials. These are tiny nano particles of ferrous metal that are very harmful. These metals are so small that they cannot be seen with naked eyes. These are mainly caused by friction.

The human eye can see particles 40 microns or larger. The oil filter can only filter out particles that are larger than 35 microns. The powerful filter magnets are able to catch the particles that are 35 microns or less in diameter. The smaller the particles that more harmful they are to the engine. This is because they travel everywhere under the hydraulic pressure and oil pressure and act as fine lapping compound that polishes down all surfaces.

Drain plugs happen to be quite simple. A tapered or straight threaded plug fitted with some kind of secondary seal assembles into a tapped hole in a differential housing or an engine oil drain pan.  Many manufacturers simply affix the magnet to a standard designed plug for catching the ferrous particles in the oil stream.

Metallic drain plugs operate quite effectively at removing the metallic particles from the circulation within the engine.  It is essential that you know the perks that the magnetic drain plug offers to decide whether it is right for your automobile or not. You should consider your automotive needs and then and use these considerations on the basis of that.

Perks of Magnetic Drain Plugs

Magnetic drain plugs have certain assets all of whom should be considered at the time when you are deciding whether to go for this one.

·         As most of the particles are now attached to the drain plug, the oil filter has much lesser amount of junk and the oil restriction caused by the oil filter is diminished. Oil will now flow more easily through the engine and this will enhance the health and lifespan of the engine.

·         They are cheaper and reusable than the disposable filters. While you still need to use the standard oil filter, its lifespan will be enhanced and it will function in the most desired way for longer hours.

·         If anything goes wrong and you need to identify the harmful particles in your engine, samples should be taken from the magnetic plug. The amount of particles on the plug at the time of oil change can also provide an indication of the problems. You can seek out the help of a mechanic or perform a repairs before the problem becomes serious and it becomes impossible to be repaired.

·         It is much less likely that you will face any kind of oil oxidation as the particles that lead to oil oxidation will be sticking to the magnet.

So if you have the right tools for properly cleaning and maintaining the magnetic drain plug or if your mechanic does not have any issue with the hassle then these plugs are a great choice for you and this will help to decrease the wear on the engine. So in that case, you do not have to give any second thoughts and go for this for maintaining your engine in good condition in the long run.

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