Benefits of a rooftop AC

by Amili R. SEO

When you visit a big commercial building, do you ever wonder how every part of the building remains cool every time? Whether it be offices, restaurants, food courts or malls, every inch of these commercial places feel equally and evenly cold. This is the impact of a rooftop AC. These ACs are used for commercial air conditioning needs that require dropping the temperature of a commercial area within few minutes.  From corners to central crowded areas, a rooftop ac can work its magic in any condition and make a large number of people forget about the scorching heat outside.

A rooftop ac, as its name refers, comes with a rooftop unit, making the installation process easier, leaving the indoors spacious and cool. It is a package unit fitted on the roof of the commercial building, hence leaving the indoor space to be put to its best use and not wasted in holding the compressor or other units. Unlike the split system that has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, a package unit houses all the components in itself facilitating a hassle free process. These units are connected to ducts that define a route for the hot or the cool air that is then let out through the vents. The rooftop AC remains to be the most beneficial in terms of commercial cooling because of its easy installation, enhanced service, and uninterrupted indoor space.

A commercial rooftop air conditioning system can be regulated according to your needs. If there is a requirement of different temperatures in different areas of the building, then multiple rooftop units can be fitted on the roof. These multiple units can fulfill the heating and cooling requirements of the building, both at the same time! As the unit is placed far away from where its cooling or heating impact is, the noise created by the unit is left outdoors, leaving quiet and peaceful ambience inside.

The maintenance of a rooftop air conditioning unit is easier, as compared to a ground unit. The unit is easily accessible for technicians in case of any repair required, as the unit is fixed on the roof. However, if maintained regularly there is not much repair needed during its functioning. These units are protected from any damage that a ground unit may suffer from, as these are installed on the roof. The ground units are affected by the dust, dirt, and litter that gets accumulated on them. On the other hand, a rooftop unit remains cleaner and safe from any accidental damage. The package rooftop unit can function at an outdoor temperature of up to 52. The commercial air conditioning manufacturers have functioned these ACs to fulfill the needs of cooling down large areas instantly.

A rooftop air conditioner is an energy efficient system, helping save power through variable air volume controls, using the outside air to cool the building through dampers, and thermal wheels that lower down the load of the cooling system. It also allows the use of programmable thermostat to control the operation according to the requirements. The commercial air conditioning manufacturers have left no stone unturned to make these unique air conditioners the best ones for use in commercial areas. As much as it is difficult to cool a large area, rooftop air conditioners make it a point to effortlessly cool the area with maximum efficiency.

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