Belkin Router Not Working: Orange Light Blinking Instead of Blue!

by Sophia Smith Technical Assistance

Belkin Router has been providing the user with excellent connection and best networking timeline. It has granted the users with configurationalfeatures along with monitoring of system interface. But there have been times when the user encountered an issue where the router seems to flash organ light instead of blue. Now, these issues can occur due to various reasons. These reasons lead to the difficulties which are seen in the router. The user has two options - one to contact the Belkin customer support number, second to follow some troubleshooting steps.

Reasons Why Belkin Router Not Working Issue Arises

Connection problem

There are times when the user using the router creates a problem while setting up a connection. Therefore, it becomes essential for the connection to be precise and accurate.

Power cycling not done often

The power cycle process is vital for any system to reset its functioning for some seconds and take rest. Hence, to avoid the crash or hang the user has to follow this procedure of resetting it.

Firmware problem

Updating the router structure and the platform to the latest version becomes essential for the user. Without proper functioning of the Firmware the router experiences issues.

Troubleshooting Belkin Router Not Working Issue

      Check the connection

It might seem a small thing, but user often makes an error when it comes to checking the connection of the router. Hence, to do the same, the user needs to follow these following steps when they experience Belkin router orange light blinking.

  • Plug out the Ethernet cable from the port and the socket as well. Wait for a few seconds. Plug the cable back on tightly and switch on the router.
  • The user can repeat the process with the modem as well.
  • Check the Ethernet cable; the chances are that they might be faulty.
  • The user can also reboot the router after changing the cable.
  •  Restart all the internet connections
  •  Refresh the IP address of the computer internet signal

       Update the Firmware

Before the user updates the firm, it is essential for the users to download the firmware. After the user, downloads the platform they need to follow these steps:

Step 1

The user needs to go to the web-based setup page.  In the address field, type the IP address. Type in (IP address for Belkin's router)


Log in to the account by inputting the email address of the user as well as the password.

Step 3

On the navigation panel, tap on the "Firmware Update" option.

Step 4

Open the files and folders which were saved while downloading Belkin router's firmware setup.

Step 5

Choose the firmware folder and tap "open" option followed by update title.

Clone the MAC address

The modem would fail to recognize the device once it stops serving the internet. Hence, the user experiences orange light. To solve the issue where Belkin router orange light blinks instead of blue, the user needs to perform MAC cloning.

  • Connect the system or the laptop to the router with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Now open the setup page of the router.
  • Tap on the option stating "mac cloning."
  • Tap on the clone of the mac address.
  • Finally, the user needs to tap on the option stating "apply changes."
  • Now the router would save and secure the settings.
  • The router would restart with solid green or blue light

These are some of the ways which can solve issues in the structure of the router or correct Belkin Wi-Fi range extender setupHence the user can contact the helpline services for more help and instructions on the issue.

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