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by Noor Mohammed Makup Artist in Chennai

The final day when you’d be stepping into a new life definitely includes the wedding rituals. But, also requires you to appear your best! And let us just say we, the ladies, are all cautious about doing a little bit extra given in such an extravagant occasion. But, you can kill the extra if you want. For this, professional Bridal makeup Chennai makes sure to mix up the right amount and the right tone which suits your skin.

Furthermore, your skin feels light and nothing extra sits heavy. Also, people tend to spend on makeup during their wedding unnecessarily when it is only the bare minimum elements which can result in a captivating look. Actually, the extravagance of the occasion gets them. However, this article aims to present the types of products to consider while shopping for your makeup items. Keeping in mind the budget, we present you with the requisites which one should look for while buying the makeup products. From the lips to the eyes, we have a list which covers all the concerns and brings out the real beauty you are within.

The Makeup Products Which One Should Invest On Wisely

Most people end up investing plenty of extra products thinking that they give off a better radiance to the skin. But, it is actually the basic components of makeup which make you good to walk the aisle and sustain the glow throughout the entire day. Hence, it is essential for people to invest in products in a wise manner. Or else, more purchase impacts the pocket for no apparent reason. And the Bridal Studio Coimbatore takes care of just that! Therefore, proceed to the underlying components together which comprise to be an effective makeup kit.

  1. Moisturizer

The makeup procedure begins with an initial application with a moisturizer. However, most makeup artists begin directly from the primer skipping the moisturizer. Actually, handpicking an apt moisturizer is also an art. You have to study the contents and know what ingredient causes what. An oil-free product is what keeps the skin smooth and moisturized without being greasy or oily. Furthermore, make sure that the product holds at least an SPF of 30 to protect your skin from the sun’s ‘gaze’. This is a shield which your skin needs for nourishment all the while it will be exposed to some heavy lighting. And mere primer cannot protect you completely.

  1. Primer

The concealer and the foundation will follow after this but not just yet. A layer of primer does half the work! Basically, it sets the base for the rest of the makeup to take place. As said earlier, most artists in a professional Bridal Studio Coimbatore prefer to begin with the primer. But, it is better to keep this secondary to the moisturizer. Moreover, a primer boosts the skin instantly thereby playing half the part already. The skin appears glowing and tends to erase the pores virtually leaving behind a softening effect.

  1. Concealer

Another important equipment whose presence in your makeup kit is mandatory is a concealer. Now, this is a myth that concealers must be applied prior to the foundation. The trick is in the blending. If you apply it over the foundation, make sure to blend it with the beauty blender till you find no demarcation. However, this covers dark circles and unwanted blemishes completely. So, this product excels at hiding the bad and gleaming out the beautiful. Studios for Bridal makeup Chennai holds professionals who can blend it till its real!

  1. Foundation

Now, this is where one should play wisely. Beauty doesn’t mean a light color of the skin. Just because you have the privilege to choose the shade of foundation doesn’t mean that you must choose the lightest. In fact, it makes you appear very unappealing since you tend to fake it. Hence, do not confuse it as a beauty enhancer. However, stick to your own shade since it is the only one which can reveal the true beauty you are within.

  1. Eyeshadow Palette

The eyes need augmentation too! We bet you don’t desire to keep the eyes neutral on this extravagant moment. This necessitates the possession of a eyeshadow palette with a winter tone of colors. But, the tone depends on the choice. However, we suggest sticking to winter tones or the nude shades since they make the eye appear more defined. Most studios for Bridal makeup Chennai prefer such tones given the occasion.

  1. Blush

Eyes? Check! Lips? Check! Primer? Check! But, still, something remains incomplete. And that is the blush. This definitely doesn’t promote the coyness of the lady during her final day but gives a subtle color to the cheeks which complement her smile. So, do not leave behind blush at any cost!

  1. Highlighter

This is where the ladies drool over no matter the occasion! A highlighter accentuates the glow and enhances as well as defines the structure of the face. And this just completes every look there ever was! But, finding the perfect highlighter is trouble. You must consider the tone as well as the amount of shimmer the product gives off. And also, you must check if it goes with the complexion. You can stick to the nude shade or can experiment with a hint of color. Apply this and walk the aisle with pride! Professional studios for Bridal makeup Chennai are experts in selecting the right highlighter for the bride at once.

  1. Eyeliner and Mascara

The eye makeup, obviously, is incomplete without eyeliner and mascara. These two must-have requisites augment the eyes in all its glory. They make them more open and appealing. Furthermore, you must also consider the fact that you are going to shed tears for leaving behind your earlier phase of life and entering a new, this time with a companion who you vow to stay beside. So, make sure you pick a waterproof as well as a smudge-proof product. Also, ensure that you select the one which is formulated for a long-lasting effect. Artists in studios for Bridal makeup Chennai tend to offer the best-in-class makeover that a woman can have. And the dreamy eyes get the best treatment.

  1. Lipstick and Nailpaints

Nothing is complete if your lips don’t hold a tinge, be it nude or dark. So, choose one which goes with the wedding attire and matches your makeup as well. In case, you do heavy eye makeup, you can easily resort to a nude shade of lipstick. And if you plan to leave the eyes plain, dark shade for the lips just plays as the “cherry on the cake”. Also, you must consider the kind of texture you want your lips to wear. We suggest you discard the glossy alternative since that has become very 90s. Matte and the semi-matte have taken over the market which also feels comfortable once the user wears it.

  1. A Setting Spray

Now that all is set. And you have all the makeup applied, grab a bottle of setting spray. Yes, you may have used all the long-lasting products but just to render an overall effect evenly, make sure to spray it on your face in a uniform manner. Also, this tends to settle the makeup and contributes to appearing a bit more real.

This handbook provides a list of the basic products but advanced ones. And with these, you can make heads turn in any occasion!

Opt for the Best Bridal Makeup Chennai to Get a Special D-day Look:

Make the auspicious moment a bit more special along with making your parents pleased and the bridegroom blush. On such a moment when you exchange vows to make the covenant more strong, attempt to perfect it with a subtly beautiful appearance. After all, it is a glimpse of the bride which the guests eagerly await. And the artists in the studios for Bridal makeup Chennai have the art to get it front and make the day even more perfect. Hence, connect Makeup Noor to get the most unmatched services at the most cost-effective rate.

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