Battling With Hair Loss? Find The Success Rate Of Hair Transplant Here

by John Elpen Cosmesurge International Hospital

Before going through any surgical or non-surgical treatment, it is always advisable to initially get to know the success rate. Obviously, if you plan to invest a massive amount in some treatment then it is your own responsibility to get acknowledged regarding it. Today is a world of internet and if you talk about being an Internet-savvy then it is a good move somehow. If you’re reading this article then I do believe that how horrific it might be to lose your hairs as they play a most vital role in developing our lives.

In my article, I have piled up the success rate of Hair transplant in Rawalpindi. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing they say and hence I decided to write a narrative article as some People start bragging about the success and failure of hair transplants at the very initial stages. (I really hope you aren’t one of them).

In this contemporary era, where numerous treatments have been designed, People often prefer using shampoos and other certain products in order to overcome hair loss however, hair transplant falls among those treatments which have a permanent solution for you.


Okay, so the success rate basically is dependent upon the results of transplanted hairs when they grow. Mostly more than 80% of hair transplants are successful yet there are certain times when outcome certainly decreases.

How does hair re-growth decrease

Following are some of the factors which affect the outcome:

1.    Hormonal disturbances.

2.    Any cancerous diseases which lessen hair growth.

3.    Extra dandruff in your hairs can again start hair fall.

4.    Any type of infection inside the scalp might again trigger hair problems.

5.    Lack of good nutrition is one of the vital signs of hair loss. It is essential to take proper hair care following hair transplant surgery.


Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet

Additionally, patience is your foremost duty to be. Some people do not have realistic expectations and they come with a vision that transplanted hairs will start growing the very next day after the surgery. No! The real success of a transplant is actually judged when transplanted hairs are grown fully which might take two to three months. 

Is age an important factor for being eligible?

No, age is not an important factor for qualifying for a hair transplant. Really is mostly different from imaginations. I have seen People who have immense hair growth at the age of 70 especially among men.

Thickening of the donor area

If your the donor area is thick then you are the best candidate of hair transplant. Get to know why? It is because the donor area is that certain area where hairs start growing. The process of hair transplant basically initializes when hairs from the donor area are extracted and then transplanted to the recipient’s area where hairs are required.

If often happens that once you have had a Hair transplant in Islamabad surgery, you start noticing other People’s head too. It does happen. There is nothing bad in noticing other People but the situation does become alarming when you compare your head section or the hair re-growth to those with others. One cannot predict hair loss issues as several components are attached to it. You might be having hair loss due to genetic issues, hormonal imbalance (in case of both men and women)


FUT or FUE, what to decide?

Regardless of any of these, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) mostly it is dependent upon a good surgeon. The success rate of hair transplant is very high. Most People do not opt for FUT as a strip of a head is initially taken for transplantation which may cause scarring or minimal bruising. However, in case of FUE hair transplant, incisions are made one by one and hence no visible scarring or swelling would be considered.

Transplants are time-consuming whether it is FUE or whether it is FUT. It generally takes five to six hours for the surgery to be performed.


In the end, I would like to advise that before undergoing any surgical treatment, not only transplants, you must do proper research, you must attend seminars to raise your awareness and then you’ll be able to come to the final conclusion. I hope you find this article helpful. 

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