BaSO4 master batch - the outstanding characteristics and features of this material

by Tran Hoa Marketing

BaSO4 master batch is a salt filler which is came from BaSO4 substance, this is considered to be the best quality masterbatch in the plastic industry due to ít outstanding features. It can be said that the appearance of BaSO4 master batch has helped improve the properties of plastics when plastics are tend to affected by the environment condition through the time. It is widely used in films, containers and other fields. So what does BaSO4 masterbatches came from? And what benefits does this material bring to human life? This paper will reveal all the information relate to this ingredient.

What are the advantages of using BaSO4 master batch to make plastics?

People often use BaSO4 master batch in extrusion, plastic injection, etc. because they have the following benefits:

  • Low production costs (reduced by 5% - 10%);

  • Ability to improve transparency and good reinforcement;

  • Improve the stability of internal components of plastic products;

  • Appeared networks prevent environmental impacts such as dust;

  • Improve hardness, gloss on the surface of plastic products;

  • May reduce product elasticity;

  • Easy to produce, disperse and plasticize in the range of 10% to 50%;

  • Can replace expensive TiO2 to reduce production costs.

From the strong points has mentioned above, people believe BaSO4 master batch can open a new step in plastic industry both in term of increase quality of product, but also a solution for environmental sustainability.

What outstanding features does the BaSO4 filler masterbatch have?

Here are the features and advantages of BaSO4 master batch:

  • Good thermal resistance (heat resistance of 270 - 280 degrees C);

  • Excellent dispersion;

  • Good light stability, hard to fade out throughout the using time;

  • Has stability in releasing color shades;

  • Water resistant, anti-dry, good oil resistant.

BaSO4 master batch should be kept in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct contact with sunlight and wind. The product is packed in PP / PE original plastic bags with a weight of 25kg per bag and packed with heat sealed.

Before opening the master batch packaging, make sure the product is not torn and the particles inside do not show any signs of deterioration. If the grain is slightly damp, it is likely that the product has been damaged but can still be used many times in the process of producing recycled plastic.

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