Basic intelligent lighting control of LED lamp

by Ente G. LED lighting for sale
Appear to change the illumination of LED lighting use patterns, adding intelligent control and color features LED lighting for designers to create new opportunities. High LED efficiency, with dimming capability, long life, and other advantages, allowing higher efficiency lighting can change color, more cost-effective and easier to obtain. Digital Signal Controller (DSC) can drive a variety of innovative applications, achieve higher efficiency LED drivers, more accurate color control with external have better communication. The above advantages pooling allows designers to have greater freedom to develop highly differentiated LED lighting.

Current Control

High brightness LED to be maintained at a relatively high constant current to maintain a certain brightness and color. LED luminous flux flowing through the LED forward current is proportional to achieve consistent color and light output, the key is constant forward current. Shun will follow the current-voltage source to generate change, resulting in changes in the light emitted from the LED. Therefore, the need to take the initiative to regulate the use of forwarding current of the power supply to drive.

Temperature Control

In general, LED cis increases with a temperature rise of the voltage, even if the forward current is constant and adjusted. High-power LED will produce heat, leading to reduced life expectancy and premature LED failure. Control LED forward current design to allow individual current and projected forward voltage level is determined based on the target along with the heat. Using the temperature sensor provides a method for monitoring temperature conditions. led grow lights

Color Control

LED can almost instantly change the output light to be quickly applied to change the color of lamps. Simply adjusting the brightness of each LED, it can red, green and blue LED light string to create any color. Increase or decrease each LED forward current is one way, but the forward voltage changes will not only change the brightness will slightly change the LED color. The need for precise application of color will cause problems. best led headlights

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