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by Boyan Minchev Travel Blogger
Backpacking is a familiar term in our life. Before going somewhere, even it is just for a day; we need to pack our things first. It has become an integral part of our day to day life. It is a must for traveling. After choosing a destination, the first job is backpacking. What to take and what we will need there are the things that stuck in our mind. Sometimes people get confused when they started packing for a tour. But backpacking is a tricky thing. You need to pack your items based on some criteria, like weather, water and food supply of your destination, the people you are going with, and much more.

Weather is an essential criterion for backpacking. If the climate of your destination or tour place is cold, you need to take heavy clothes to avoid coldness and keep yourself warm. If it is hot, then you need to take cozy dresses for summer. In case of any shortage or rareness of water and food supply of a destination, you better bring them with yourself. The people you are going with may not always be friendly if you don’t know them. In that case, you better be prepared perfectly so that you don’t need any help from anyone. If you follow these rules, it will be easy for you to pack all your items and make a grand tour. Now let’s come to the discussing point, which is “What to take backpacking?

You need to choose your items wisely for backpacking. The things you will need most there should be top of your priority list. As we discussed earlier, you need to follow those criteria and then start packing your things according to it. You have to take all the necessary items on a tour because you don’t know what will be needed. You can’t rely on someone on a journey. Okay, now let’s discuss “What to take backpacking?” and find out what are the ideal and mandatory things for backpacking.

There are a lot of things you should carry in your bag on a journey. But you can’t take all of them and make a heavy bag. Heavy bags will make you tired on a trip and it’s very hard to carry heavy bags on tour. So, you need to bring some basic things for backpacking which are given below:


A bag or backpack is the mandatory thing for a journey. You need to take all your stuff in this. It is your journey company. But you should take care of one thing that your backpack should not be heavy to carry. Take something handy and comfortable as a backpack.


If you are going hiking, then the tent is a must for you. You can’t get any hotels or any residents there. So you need to live your own. And the best way to do that is carrying your tent. It will also save you from mosquitoes and insects. You can comfortably sleep in a tent. Your mind and body will be sound after a sound sleep. You can enjoy your journey the next morning.

Sleeping Bag

You will need a sleeping bag also to sleep inside the tent. It will comfort your sleeping. You can sleep peacefully in a sleeping bag. If you have a sleeping bag, then you can sleep anywhere you want. You can even sleep without using a tent.

First aid kit

This is an important thing to carry on a long tour. You should also take some medicines. You don’t know what can happen on the journey so you should better be prepared for anything wrong. It will help you recover early if anything wrong happens.

Weather friendly clothing

Clothing is the most crucial part of a journey. You have to wear clothes according to the climate of your destination. In a place having a minus temperature, you should take warm clothes there. Otherwise, you will suffer for sure. So, first of all, you have to know about the climate of your destination and then pack your things according to this. You need to take care of the number of clothes also. You can’t take all of your wardrobes on tour. You need to bring clothes according to how many days will you stay there.

Food and water supplies

Sometimes there can be a shortage of food and water supply on the place you want to travel. So. You should be prepared for that also. You can take foods and water from home and have them on your journey. You also can take a stove, fuels, and kitchen materials to cook your food. It will save you from buying unhealthy food and keep you healthy from diseases. You can cook food anytime you want if you have a stove. You don’t need to find places to eat. It will undoubtedly ease your journey.

That’s all you can take while backpacking. These are the mandatory things which you must carry on a journey. These things will make your trip comfortable. Backpacking is an essential part of a trip. The success and easiness of a trip depend on it. So, we all should know these strategies to have a beautiful and memorable tour. These simple hacks will change your way of traveling and can motivate you to go places again and again. In the end, we can say that these are the things for “What to take backpacking.”

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