Baby Bibs: Reinventing a Timeless Virtue

by Jenny C. Blogger and Outreach Expert
Baby bibs

Did you know that bibs have been used for centuries as a means of protecting our clothing while we eat? Bibs were first considered a necessary staple and used by noblemen and women in the mid-1700’s that were attending high social events. It was customary to bring your own bib, and no formal attire was complete without it. Eventually bibs made their ways down to our laps and became napkins!

Fast-forward to more modern times and mainly babies are using bibs these days. We all know what it’s like to dress our babies in cute outfits, only to see it ruined by spit up, drool or a sippy cup accident. It isn’t easy being a parent because let’s be real, babies make a lot of messes. It gets even harder for parents to ensure proper hygiene or do regular laundry when the child grows up and starts eating solid foods.

Taking care of all this mess isn't easy, and you might find yourself overworked and agitated with a never ending pile of clothes to clean. Luckily, a baby bib can be the answer for all your baby-mess troubles, and you can stop worrying about protecting that precious Christmas sweater from food stains.

Why do I need a bib for my baby?

Constantly doing laundry or seeing expensive clothes get ruined can push you to the point of exhaustion. Not to forget dressing and re-dressing kids is a significant amount of work and take a lot of effort, especially for squirmy babies.

A handy baby bib not only protects the clothes from drool, spit, and stains, but also saves you from the above mentioned headaches. Bibs reduce the cleaning effort, save clothes, and make your parenting life much more enjoyable. However, baby bibs can also stain, and the cheaper ones that don’t fully protect clothes can double your effort. So do thorough research on the bib’s material and read bib buying reviews, so you don't end up with a faulty and useless purchase.

You'll be genuinely surprised by the variety and types of baby bibs that are currently available in the market. Each variant has a different formulation to fulfill different customer requirements. Such as infants need a bib that can wipe off fluids and can absorb moisture. Similarly, toddlers mostly have a solid food diet, therefore, they require a wipe-able bib made using synthetic materials. 

Baby bibs online

When can babies start using bibs?

You put a bib on your baby as soon as you feel the need to protect their clothes from saliva or milk stains. Most parents start using them as early as two weeks old to wipe off drool and fluids from their baby’ face. However, you can wait until your child start’s weaning, as their interaction with solid foods is much messier and more difficult to clean. 

When should babies stop using bibs?

There is no right time to say when a child should stop using his/her bib. As we know, some kids are messier than the others or require extra support to control and manage their actions. Similarly, kids suffering from acid reflux might take a lot longer to outgrow the need for a bib.

Most kids do not need a baby bib by the time they reach two years old. Granted it might still be hard for them to adjust to a non-mess policy, but they’ll quickly learn to eat cleanly.

Do babies need bibs for breastfeeding?

Yes, baby bibs are handy for newborns, especially for the ones who spit and drool a lot during breastfeeding. Keeping the bib around your baby's neck during nursing can make the experience less messy, and you'll always have an extra wipe cloth to clean your baby's face.

Most children fall asleep after nursing, therefore, taking off the bib while your child is sleeping is very tricky. Make sure to remove the bib after breastfeeding to avoid disturbing your child in their sleep.

Can babies wear bibs while sleeping?

The resounding answer to this question is NO. Baby bibs have safety pins, Velcro, and other safety hazards that might cause irritation or pain to your little one during the night.

More importantly, it’s a choking hazard to put your baby to sleep in a bib as it can tighten around his/her neck even with little neck movements. Or the flap can go in their mouth during the night and cause suffocation.

Can I make a baby bib at home?

Yes, you can make a cute, customized baby bib for your little ball of joy. A useful DIY skill is a significant weapon for anyone, and we are here to help strengthen your mighty war chest. Baby bibs are relatively easy to make and require minimal sewing skills. We are listing a quick step by step for you to follow:

      Pick a soft cloth and carefully cut out a bib pattern

      Place and pin the bib pattern on a hypoallergenic, absorbent material

      Cut the fabric around the bib pattern

      Repeat the previous step for another piece of cloth

      Sew both fabrics on each side of the bib pattern

      Iron it and attach plastic snaps to each neck-strap

How to clean babies’ bibs?

Most new baby bibs are machine-washable for easy maintenance and upkeep. However, you need to be careful as repeated washes with bleach or abrasive chemicals can make them lose their color, look old and cause wear and tear.

Wash your baby’s bibs with a soft cleanser in a cold, gentle cycle to ensure the fabric stays delicate and smooth. If you're hand-washing the bib, make sure only wash it with lukewarm water. You can tumble-dry or iron the bibs after wash to avoid wrinkling.

Lastly, we advise not to use fabric softeners as the chemicals in them that might damage the water-repellent properties of some bibs.

best baby bibs online

Where can I buy the best bibs for my baby? 

Baby bibs are a mainstream baby accessory available at most baby stores. Of course, you can find the best bibs for your children at Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores for delivery straight to your home. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can follow the simple DIY in this buying guide for a smooth, simple way to make a baby bib yourself.

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