Axle Shaft and its Three Main Types That Help In Car Repairing

by Talbros Engineering Axle Shafts Manufacturer

If you are interested in machines and mechanical engineering, you must have heard of the word "axle shaft". Haven't you? The shaft is nothing but rotating mechanical equipment. If you cut this mechanical device right in the middle, you will get to see a circular cross-section. The Shaft was developed to transmit power and produce torque. These days, most of the shafts you get in stores are tubular. The Axle shaft is a particular type of rod that carries the weight of the vehicle while you try to rotate the wheel. In simple words, the axle is just a round cantilever beam. Axle Shaft is the most basic tool for car-repairing. 

Types of Axle shafts

  • Front Axle Shafts- As the name suggests, these shafts are located in the front part of your car. This particular shaft helps the driver with steering. The Front Axle Shafts manufacturer uses heavy metal to design these shafts. They either use nickel-coated steel or carbon steel material. This is the front axle that helps the car pass the rough and uneven terrain smoothly. This particular axle shaft can be divided into a further four pieces-track rod, beam, etc. When it comes to the front axle, there are only two categories- dead and live. The first type of axle shaft doesn't rotate with the wheels. These shafts protect the wheel from water, dirt, etc. Whereas, the live front axle supplies power to the front wheels.

  • Rear Axle Shafts- The rear axles rotate with the wheels of your car. It is safe to say that the rear axle shaft supplies power to the driving wheel. Semi-floating axles, full floating axle, three quarter floating axle, etc. are different types of the rear axle shaft.

  • Stub Axle Shafts- Last but not least, the Stub Axle shafts are located on the front of the vehicle too. Many believe the stub axle shaft to be a part of the front axle shaft. With the help of kingpins, these stub axle shafts are connected to the front wheel. The Stub Axle shafts can be divided into four parts- Elliot, reverse Elliot, Lamoine, and reverse Lamoine.

These days all kinds of shafts are available in online stores. You can turn to the rear or front axle shaft suppliers with your requirement. They manufacture axle shafts up to 50 kg of weight. The best thing about these shaft manufacturers is that they keep track of all the shafts they manufacture including MFG date and product details. Some common types of shaft manufactured by them are- straight axle shafts, assembled axle shafts, medium-duty axle shafts, off-highway axle shafts, heavy-duty axle shafts, tandem axle shafts, Spindle shafts, etc. These shafts can tolerate high heat and pressure. So, if you want to purchase these shafts, don't waste any more second thoughts, rather pick up your laptop or phone and place the order. These supreme quality axial shafts can last for decades and as a result, it is just a one-time investment.

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