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It is difficult to find a household that doesn’t have a refrigerator. This home appliance has made it easier to store raw and cooked food items for long hours. Our foods not only remain safe but are also prevented from contamination and insects. Periodical maintenance and cleaning of refrigerators are essential to restore its working conditions. Otherwise, your refrigerator will trigger various problems due to a lack of maintenance. So, if you come across these problems, then fix them with a certified Samsung fridge repair

Why Opt for A Reliable Fridge Repair in Dubai?

Experts are essential to inspect the following problems on your refrigerator. 

Noisy Compressor

Modern refrigerator models are equipped with silent compressors. Thus, when your refrigerator makes weird noises, then something might be wrong with it. As you experience this problem, first ensure that the sound is coming from the compressor itself. The compressor contains a fan that works on a processor to cool down the internal temperature. So, you can hear noises if the fan isn’t working correctly. Moreover, it can occur due to a bad compressor as well. Therefore, hire a fridge technician to identify and fix the problem instantly. 

Torn Gasket or Sealed Door

If your fridge has a torn gasket, then the cold will leak out and contaminate the food. It will then put intense on the compressor as well. So, reach a fridge service center to repair the gasket. 

Refrigerator Light Not Working

If you find that the light on the water dispenser isn’t working, then replace the bulb. So, if the problem persists, then one or more components inside socket terminals might be damaged. If the components are damaged, then they will be bent and discolored. The bulb will also not illuminate if there are cracks inside the socket. Apart from this, the door switch can also be damaged. Last but not least, the control plate can have wears and tears with usage. Only an expert can detect the actual cause and solve the problem. 

Refrigerator Not Cooling

Is your refrigerator not freezing? Then, check whether the thermostat is turned down or not. Make sure that nothing is blocking the vents at the back of the freezer compartment. Also, the refrigerator won’t cool if something gets stuck inside the condenser fan. Sometimes it becomes necessary to clean the fan blades and rotate the fan with hand. Check whether the fan blades are okay or not. Or else, you have to replace the fan blades to control the internal temperature of your refrigerator. In addition, the problem can also be associated with the thermostat or clogged coils inside your fridge. 

Unable to Defrost the Refrigerator

All advanced refrigerators have built-in defrost feature that automatically melts the ice when required. So, if your refrigerator has this feature, then it will work in the same way. As the coils get cold enough, the defrost thermostat indicates the defrost heater to melt the ice. Now, if the thermostat is defective, then it won’t be able to sense the temperature of the coils. As a result, the defrost heater won’t get an indication to start the defrost cycle. 

The defrost system also contains a defrost timer for controlling the cooling and defrost modes of your refrigerator. If the defrost timer becomes non-functional, then it will stop at cooling mode and excessive frost will build upon evaporator coils. Thus, hire a refrigerator technician to repair the faulty component and restore the defrost system. 

Repairing the Compressor 

Hopefully, you know that the compressor is the most important element of a refrigerator. When the compressor gets faulty, some parts or the entire refrigerator won’t cool at all. Perhaps the compressor is overloaded and fails to function properly. Thus, you need experts to check the compressor motor and repair the compressor correctly. If the compressor goes beyond repair, then the technician might install a new one for your fridge. 

Refrigerator Consuming Too Much Power

Unlike other home appliances, refrigerators obviously require more power to work. There is an average electricity consumption that slightly varies with the brand that you are using. But, it is a serious issue, if your refrigerator suddenly starts consuming excessive power. One or more components of your refrigerator might not be working correctly. As a result, the refrigerator needs more power to carry on its work and preserve your foods. 

In case your refrigerator has not crossed the warranty period, then you can contact the manufacturer. Otherwise, you have to reach the store from where you have purchased the machine. For additional help, connect with a fridge repair in Dubai. 

We think this much information is sufficient to help you get rid of the problems with your refrigerator. For more information, leave a comment in the section below this article.

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